Aosoth - Ritual Marks of Penitence

There’s are three infallible ways of pleasing an author, and the three form a rising scale of compliment: 1, to tell him you have read one of his books; 2, to tell him you have read all of his books; 3, to ask him to let you read the manuscript of his forthcoming book. No. 1 admits you to his respect; No. 2 admits you to his admiration; No. 3 carries you clear into his heart.
—  Mark Twain

"I’m not a child anymore, Mycroft."

This just broke my heart. Sherlock always saw himself as a child in the eyes of his brother because he thought Mycroft saw him as petulant and slow. But the truth was that Mycroft saw him as a child because he never stopped protecting him. He never stopped worrying about him, and he never stopped believing his brother would need him. No matter what, Mycroft would always be mother.


Once upon a time, there was a little boy who always wanted to love another little boy. One day, he finally found that love, and it was wonderful. I’m supposed to use gloves, I’m supposed to do this, I’m supposed to do that, I’m supposed to not kiss him. I’m not supposed to be only 45 years old and taking care of a 35 year-old young man who’s a hundred years old and dying. Em calls it a see-saw - he’s fine, he gets sick, he gets better, he gets sicker. He’s afraid I’ll leave him. I told him I wouldn’t leave him. That I never, for one second, would think of leaving him. But he doesn’t believe me. It’s hard to believe in much these days. But we must never stop believing in each other. I’m a mess. It’s what I am. You cry and you cry until you think you can’t cry anymore. And then you cry some more. Not only for yourself and Felix, but for all the little boys who finally found other little boys they’ve wanted all their lives now that we’re men.

"An agent gave his life to tell us that."

"Perhaps he shouldn’t have done. He was obviously just trying to show off."

Did anyone else notice Mycroft’s face? He’s the first to dismiss sentiment so why does he take Sherlock’s comment so hard? They also mentioned the importance of the agent’s death many times -  along with Mycroft’s broken heart. Even if the latter was a joke, it makes me wonder - did Mycroft know this agent? Are we going to learn in the future that he had finally made a friend? Was this why he wanted Sherlock to quickly change the subject? If so, this would make Sherlock’s ‘How do you know’ such a terrible foreshadowing.