I hate getting messages about how I’m not a real fan because I don’t like Tom. If you’re in love with something it isnt about glossing over the things that are wrong with it and only focusing on the good things. It’s about addressing the problems and talking about them. Tom is a major problem because he is not fully committed to the band and was communicating through managers which led mark and travis to react defensively which turned this whole situation into a major joke. Love isn’t denial it isnt about just forgetting about the problems and focusing on all of the good things its about loving it for better and for worse. I love blink and I always will and I refuse to act like one of these fans that act like addressing Tom’s shitty actions or saying that I don’t like a song or two is blasphemy. 


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Day 07 – A song that reminds you of a certain event
blink-182 - What’s my age again?

My birthday

“Your new… new boy toy! He’s so smug and… and shit. Thinks he can take away my band and… and my Marky and you… you’re just goin’ with it!” Tom shouted angrily, taking a step forward. Mark had to quickly jump to him and grab his sides to prevent him from hitting the ground again. “Get off me!” Tom shouted, jumping backwards and landing back on the couch. He glared at Mark, but thankfully seemed to decide he was better off sitting down.

Name: Anomaly

Pairing: Mark Hoppus/Tom DeLonge

Rating: Explicit

Chaptered/WIP. This is a story I started out of frustration to the current situation, it began as a cracky one-shot and then became something else. It’s set in the current blink drama, starting some days after Musink, more or less following what is happening right now. The story is written from Mark’s point of view (in third person, mind you).

The second chapter has been published!