Marjolras Week: Day Two (Little Mermaid AU)

Happy Birthday, Lauren, who made Marjolras week happen and is this ship's captain. (She's also an incredible person and a wonderful friend and is super adorable.)

The life of merfolk, if we are to believe legend, is a long one. Three hundred years at sea is what they are granted, before they die and turn to the foam on shore.

The remaining merfolk who share the ocean with the rest of us are satisfied with their time. It is a good life, they say. Plenty can be done in three hundred years and they ask for nothing more.

Occasionally though, the younger ones do. Their hearts are not yet adjusted to the frigid temperatures these waters can take and sometimes, rather than drown the humans that set sail on their territory they take pity and rescue them when the Ocean sweeps them up in her waves.

Sometimes they fall in love with these humans. And sometimes they dare to risk everything and do something about it.


Help me to carry the fire - Enjolras x Marius fanmix

Part 1. Help me to carry the fire

  • Hurts - Confide In Me
  • Civil Twilight - Human
  • Editors - No Sound But The Wind
  • Muse - Invincible
  • Portishead - Roads
  • Michal Pavlicek - The Burial

Part 2. You’re still alive

  • Vib Gyor - Red Light
  • Ray LaMontagne - I Still Care For You
  • Kissing Cousins - Don’t Look Back
  • Depeche Mode - Ghost
  • Marillion - It’s Nor Your Fault
  • Editors - Push Your Head Towards The Air


Marjolras Week: Day Three (Modern University AU) 
Tyler Posey as Marius & Avan Jogia as Enjolras

A quiet but serious Political Science major and a socially awkward Linguistics major, neither seems to have much in common aside from an interest in a possible career in Law and their friendship with the boisterous Courfeyrac. They’re briefly acquainted but the opportunity to get to know one another rises when Enjolras, no longer wishing to be dependent on the wealth of his parents, takes a job at the same library that Marius works at.

From casual acquaintances to coworkers, to, yes, friends; the two young men begin to talk in the inevitable lulls in their long shifts and slowly they feel a pull to one another. Conversations go outside the workplace to late night cafes where political and literary debates occur, as well as invitations to the other’s apartment. (Strictly for studying–and the occasional film, no matter what their filthy-minded friends may think.) 

Or so they tell themselves. Theirs is a story that burns slowly; Enjolras digs his heels and is excessively stubborn when it comes to matters of the heart and it does not help at all that Marius has his head so far up in the clouds. Eventually a kiss is shared, followed by many other kisses, some of which are behind book-stacked shelves and everyone is much happier for it.

anonymous asked:

for the OTP thing: Majolras



Who feels the most uncomfortable about PDA: marius because no one hugged him in his childhood

Who’s the funniest drunk: ENJOLRAS because hes normally the stoic leader but then when hes drunk he hangs on marius’s arm and tells marius how wonderful he is and plays with his hair and giggles at everything

Who texts the most: enjolras omg i bet marius is one of those people who cant figure out how to text

Who has the most embarrassing taste in music: enjolras does he’s in love with taylor swift

Who reads the most: MARIUS!!!!!!!! marius reads so much marius is addicted to books

Who’s better with kids: marius bc enjolras needs to learn how to tone down the scariness

Who’s the one that fixes things around the house: eponine does. neither of them have any idea how to fix things they were both sheltered rich boys

Who’s got the weirdest hobby: marius videotapes the growth of plants

Who cooks and who cleans up: THEY ORDER TAKEOUT


Modern AU:
In which the idiot babies lives have become a romantic comedy. [x]

Maria Pontmercy is a struggling Linguistics major who, in all honesty, could do with a bit of excitement in her life. Thankfully she is good friends with Courfeyrac, campus’ biggest social butterfly (reputed to know at least half the city of Paris alone) which means that she occasionally gets dragged out of the little nook in the apartment that they share.

The young Pontmercy girl’s life takes a turn for the more interesting when Courfeyrac manages to bring her along to a protest, introducing her to a student activist group called the Les Amis de l'ABC, and their leader, a gorgeously intimidating young woman in red by the name of Enjolras. Aside from a few clashes in ideology, the two women hit it off extremely well and it looks like they’ll have much more to discuss than political rhetoric.

It would be the start of the perfect love story, except, a week later, Maria develops a very intense stranger crush on a young man in the café she frequents. Unbeknownst to her, this stranger is the very same woman she’s starting to fall for; Enjolras identifies as genderfluid. Enjolras presented as female that day and accepted the she/her pronouns that Maria addressed her by. 

Now Maria is hesitant to start a relationship with Enjolras because she’s convinced that she is not in love with one, but two people. What should be a simple dilemma to solve ends up as a long, frustrating battle on both sides (and onto all onlookers) with far too much angst, far too much caffeine and sweets, and far too little communication.

Somehow though, the idiots manage to get it. One way or another.