In general:

  • Thompson, you swine.
  • Dooley, you sure are making a hell of a lot of gay references in this show.
  • "My two favorite foreigners!" I feel u bro.
  • Petition to punch Thompson in the nuts for harassing and mocking Sousa.
  • Retraction: I’m sure Agent Sousa can handle whatever that adolescent throws at him.
  • Walter. (????)
  • Drinking on the job AGAIN—  good job Agent Thompson. *slow clap*
  • "Why does your mustache look so sad?"
  • Peggy being righteously indignant tho
  • Thompson, so help me, if you call her Marj one more time…
  • Dorothy. Underwood.

to those who ship johnlock,

to those who think molly is for sherlock,

to those who root for mystrade,

and also to the mollstrade folks,

even those who ship holmecest,


i don’t care whatever pairing you like

i only ever care if you’re rude

because no matter what ship you’re in

we’re all in the same ocean



Well…I think it was around junior year, see? I was going through a bit of a dysphoric phase…but, gee, Ken was real sweet to me, even then!

They always made sure I was feeling comfortable, and they never messed up with whichever pronouns I was using at the time. Now as for the moment we realized our love was mutual? Hm…I think it was around the end of first semester! I had already been crushing on Ken real bad and was trying to work up the nerve to confess to them!

I remember gettin into a real awful fight with my parents when they saw me wearing the wig Ken got me… Let’s just say, it didn’t end too well… So I called Ken up and they came over right away! I remember them climbing through my window and getting into bed with me.

We didn’t do nothin bad, if that’s what you’re wondering. We just kinda laid in my bed…and they held my hand… It was real sweet. I think they were really only quiet because they were upset with my Mom and Dad, and I guess they had the right to be. 

At that point, I knew that they cared for me…and for some reason i thought it was the perfect time to tell them. But for some other reason, I thought the best way to do that was to kiss them, which I think actually worked pretty well in hindsight! 

It felt really natural when I kissed them! They were so warm and soft! That’s what i remember most, was how warm and comforting they felt against me… And then… I can’t really remember what Ken said next… But I’m sure it was sweet! Anyways, I hope that answer was good enough for you! Thank you



Text: Caleb and Nathan
  • Nathan:I'm worried about you!
  • Nathan:Are you napping? I hope you're napping!
  • Nathan:I'll bring you some dinner for when you wake up if you're napping!

School is Backwards?

Hiya! This week’s video is finally here, yay!

As a supposed adult I often find myself struggling with things that I’m supposed to know how to do now that I’m no longer in school and over the age of 18, but if I didn’t learn this stuff in school then where am I supposed to have gotten it from?

I hope you like this video, if you do feel free to thumb me up or hit subscribe, it would be greatly appreciated. Also don’t forget to let me know about your school experience and how inadequate you may or may not feel as an adult.

See you next week!

This is my amazing girlfriend Marj (right) and I.  We came into each others lives 8 months ago and things have never been the same.  I love her more than anything in the world and I can honestly say that she is my soulmate.  Everything happens for a reason and I can see that now.  It’s almost as if we were made for each other.  I love you baby girl.


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