3rd term is coming this jan. 9, 2011 :D

Time really flies fast as we close are eyes, every seconds count, every minute counts, so make everyday a Happy Day :) 

I'm not excited for the 3rd term but of course we need to move on, new term means new section, so new people that you haven't meet will be there, or not. Every term there two to three assessments in each subjects see how rude is that hahaha, maybe it's for us also to learn. 2 Research papers from Australia which is called ICHM and Edexcel fro United Kingdom, Plus one written from ICHM. So many assessments, there are one right now, I need to go to Five star hotel with my other classmates cause it's a group work but not actually because your Paper works should be different from your group mate so it only mean that you answer should be different from your groupmates, or else your going to be accuse as plagiarizing or copying. Our University is really strict when it comes to copying from the web, we cannot copy from Wikipedia because wiki doesn't have the reliable source plus answers. And in our papers we need to use citations, plus Harvard Referencing…

So that’s for now, we still have make-up classes until January 6, 2012

but I’m a scholar and I’m proud of it, I need to go on Jan. 7, 2012 to do my scholar service, :D


"Dream the impossible dream"