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I have no idea what number I am at with these but Marius who when he first meets Courf goes out on like ten 'friend outings' (dates Marius, they were dates *coughCANONcough*) but then he meets Cosette and suddenly they become moaning sessions about her and Courf is like "okay, whatevs, not a big deal, we're still friends." and then later after it was worked out somehow Marius' past relationships come up and Courf is like "we dated for like 3 weeks" and Marius is like ???? was i not present ?

AHHHH oblivious Marius is the only Marius for me.
And Courfeyrac just laughs as Marius is sitting there horrified because “what the fuck did you think we were doing all those times we went to the movies”
“I thought you just loved cinema!!!”
“We watched love actually on Valentine’s Day!”
“That’s just a great film!!”
“Marius, we ate dinner by candlelight”

Even though it is easy to think that Combeferre is the parent of the group, due to the fact that he is a bit of a mother hen, he is not. The actual parent of Les Amis, is Feuilly. Despite being rather busy with a hectic work schedule, Feuilly always has time to fuss over his friends, and act like the mother of the group. Feuilly doesn’t know when he became the mother of the group, and it is a bit strange as he is in the middle of the age range it it, he is not one of the older ones like Bossuet and Combeferre and he is not one of the younger ones like Jehan or Joly, and you would expect the oldest to be the mother hen of a group, Feuilly has been described as having an old soul, for most of his life so that probably explains why he is the parent of the group. He does several parenty things;

  • When the group is going on one of their group field trips to somewhere such as going onto a camping trip or even going to the science museum, (As Joly really likes to learn about magnetism) Feuilly is the one who organises everything down to the last second, as if he doesn’t, crap is going to hit the fan, and it usually ends up with the whole group having to go to the hospital as someone (mostly Bahorel) has managed to get something stuck up their nostril for some reason. 
  • When the group is having a bit of a crisis on their hands and they are realising that they are going to have to be adults and they soon realise things like they can’t eat take out food all the time, Feuilly sets up a ‘life skills,’ class in the Musian on a Thursdays that is also open to anyone else who wants to go to them, where Feuilly will teach people how to cook for themselves and how to apply for a job and other important skills. It is a bit annoying as he gets constant text messages from Enjolras on how to do basic cooking and questions about the kitchen, such as how to bake a potato without the oven exploding. It is rather annoying at the start, but Enjolras now makes Feuilly one meal a week, however it is only beans and toast nine times out of ten, Feuilly doesn’t complain as he rather enjoys free meals and he likes the sense of pride that he feels when Enjolras hasn’t blown up the kitchen.
  • When his friends have done something stupid or they have gotten themselves into a stupid and probably rather comedic situation to the outside, they tend to go to Feuilly to help them solve it, as Combeferre and Joly are required only for medical situations, as in another situation they will spend too much time scolding their friends for doing a stupid thing. Feuilly on the other hand will get the problem solved without any complaints, and he will do it mostly as he finds his friends situations rather funny at times, such as when Bossuet and Jehan got stuck up a tree at three in the morning and Feuilly had to drive to the park with a ladder and get them out of the tree. He still doesn’t know how the two of them got stuck up there. There was also the time when Joly and Combeferre had an incident when they were blowing things up ‘for science’ and they managed to burn off their eyebrows, and Feuilly had to draw their eyebrows on for them every morning before he went off to work for three months. There was the time when Courfeyrac and Grantaire bought an evil rabbit that they were terrified of and Feuilly had to save them from the rabbit when it became lose. Feuilly adopted the rabbit and called it ‘Hamish.’
  • If his friends need something, even if it is really strange and obscure, Feuilly has it on him at all times, in his bum bag/ fanny pack, that has  a Tardis effect as it can hold lots of things despite being so small. If Jehan is needing some herbal teas, Feuilly has some. If Enjolras’s red sharpie has died, Feuilly has another one. If Bossuet has ripped his coat, Feuilly has a sewing kit in this bag. If Grantaire wants a snack, Feuilly has a whole selection in his bag. No one else in the group can understand how Feuilly can fit all of the things in his bag, but they are extremely grateful for Feuilly being prepared for everything, Enjolras believes that Feuilly is the original boy scout.
  • Bahorel frequently shouts to Feuilly ‘you are not my real dad,’ right before he is going to do something stupid, and Feuilly only tells Bahorel that he is ‘very disappointed,’ with Bahorel and what he is doing, and Bahorel stops doing what he is doing and apologises to Feuilly. Feuilly is thankful that Bahorel stops what he is doing when Feuilly does his guilt trip on him, as it has saved Bahorel from going to the hospital many times, especially when he thought he could make up a new game called, ‘Bowling ball on fire, the tennis game,’ as that doesn’t sound dangerous. 

 Feuilly has no idea how he became the parent of the group, but he rather likes it at times despite the extra responsibilities that comes especially from Enjolras and Bahorel as the two of them have the tendency to do stupid things rather often. But on Father’s day and Mother’s day, the Amis make Feuilly a card and breakfast in bed as they are grateful that Feuilly has prevented them from dying basically. These days are Feuilly’s favourite days of the year. When one of his ‘kids,’ has done something eventful such as getting a job or not burning down their apartment when they cook, Feuilly feels a sense of pride and sadness that his ‘kids,’ are growing up, but he soon ‘adopts,’ Marius and he is still currently teaching Marius how to ride a bike,so Feuilly is going to be busy for a while. 


Home they went to Grimnir’s hot tub and makeup woohoo. The possibility of making up a little more (just to be sure it took) was disrupted by Marius wandering onto the lot and jumping in with them (he hadn’t brought his swimsuit, but so what? He wasn’t going swimming!) and then by the phone ringing. Madeleine considers confiding to him - but now would be the wrong time.

Marius Pontmercy

Marius goes up to the counter and orders a coffee black. He could afford an expensive frappucino, of course, but not everyone can, which isn’t fair. All his friends are sitting at a table in the corner waiting for him to get his coffee so they can start their meeting, but he sees a pretty blonde girl on the street outside and chases after her instead. When he finally gets back, he finds only empty chairs at empty table.


Grimnir reminded the drama professor that Leslie hasn’t lived here for about 20 years and that he hadn’thad a chance with her back then, either. He has to do this approximately twice a day - the guy just will not give up! He then makes supper, which is the only way he’s sure he can get his naked friend out of the hot tub with his girlfriend.

Marius, not being entirely clueless, takes off afterward, but Madeleine hangs around playing with the parrot and canoodling, before taking off in the middle of the night.

Oh, yeah, and Grimnir passed the semester somewhere in there, too. C+. It’s not really his top concern.