New blog post!

Can YOU relate

Can YOU relate?

So my blog will be going under construction: name, theme, purpose etc…. the whole sha-bang.

Why? Because it just occured to me that I’m always going through something and wondering if there’s someone going throught what I’m going through right now. By the time you’ve heard of someone who sat in the same chair you’re like : “where were you when I was going through this?” As if the success/escape story was a Secret. Meanwhile I’m pondering: is there anyone I can talk to? I mean really talk to that would understand the predicament I’m in. Not only understand because you’ve studied about it or heard about it. Like, have you actually sat in the situation I’m in. Did you see what I see, hear what I hear, feel how I feel? oh you did? Ok then, let’s talk. Help me to understand…

Then maybe, only then when you say “don’t worry, it’ll all be ok. It’s going to work itself out” I’ll actually believe you.