Colour: all shades of green, with white swirls

Found in: Worldwide

A stone which is marked with green streaks of Mica which resemble foliage.
Stimulates self -expression in creative projects. Mariposite also helps to reduce stress and bring calmness. A good stone for those involved in the media.

Photograph: taken from Mindat, no copyright.

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The idea for this came to me watching a favorite show Covert Affairs. The main Character has heart problems including getting her heart broken and myocarditis and this represents both. The stones are a Mariposite heart with accenting green apatite beads on recycled sari silk ribbon in peach and green with yellow and green jade beads and a handmade side clasp.

anonymous said:

what is your favourite childhood memory?

I once nearly drowned in Nice, France trying to get my slipper back from a stormy ocean (I really liked those flip flops shh) and my mother was screaming herself silly on the coast and I was just floating along the current in a mildly bemused, blasé manner and I washed ashore on my mum’s feet completely intact clutching my slipper and grinning at the sky while she broke down in hysterics on this public beach it was quite fun

Later I put on the slipper only to discover a piece of fairly valuable (and extremely pretty) mariposite or emerald quartz stuck to the side

Mynah: 1, mum: 0

Thanks anon!! c: