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Contact the Bar Association in your County.

Yeah… idk how to feel about this. Alameda County Bar Association charges people 35 bux to refer you two lawyers and 30 dollars for a phone consultation and apparently people have been charged & no phone consultation and no referals given? :-/ Thanks though.

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That’s amazing! How do you get into that?

From the Oz Magazine How I Got In The Business feature I did in Feb of this year:

How did you get into the business?

Like a lot of voiceover artists, I started in radio.

I was between radio jobs and wanted to strengthen my skill set and make myself more marketable to a station, so I set out to learn as much as I could about audio production from my peers.

I had a 6-month internship with an Atlanta advertising agency, where I got hands-on training in production basics, did some copywriting and voiced half of the commercials coming out of the office. That’s how I built my first demo reel. I produced it and shopped it to agents myself.

After I started booking gigs, I found I enjoyed voiceover, so I kept doing it. 

What’s great about your job? 
I absolutely love my job! To be picked from dozens of voices nationwide to represent brands in television and radio commercials is wonderful, and each project I work on is my favorite.

In the booth, it’s great to feed off another actor’s energy. Also, hearing someone who’s at best an acquaintance, but more often a stranger, tell you what to sound like, then processing that direction in your head and attempting to give voice to what they asked for is fun for me. It stretches me as an actor.

Part of the fun for me in the audition process is the casting specs. I don’t have children, but my voice is often cast in a mom role. I guess I have a motherly vibe. 

What would you say is your specialty?
My specialty is commercials, but I also do lots of long form narration. A recent 56-page project took almost 3 hours (and a half gallon of water) to complete. I’ve also been known to grace a TV promo or two, and a voice messaging system or three. 

Three recent projects:

Radio commercials for Home Depot and Georgia Power, tags for AT&T.

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American Apparel has great ones and I have some that I got from Strawberry of all places that are more dainty looking…