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"Tuesday" by Maripol (Maripola X songs)

for some reason the spanish version of Twilight Princess changes the name of a lot of characters and Agitha is called Maripola i cringed so hard

Miss Rosen for The Chic

Polaroids and poems. Piles of jewels. Clothing lines and pop-up stores. These are a few of my favorite things. Come together in one woman, that woman is Maripol. She who more than most embody Chic’s lively disco tales. Because it all began on the dancefloor, so many years ago. And to the dancefloor is where we return for another spin around.

French-born artist, designer, photographer, author, film producer, and now—recording artist Maripol has teamed up with composer-producer Leonard Lasry to release four songs inspired by poems from her latest monograph, Maripola X (Le Livre Art Publishing). The songs, three in English, one in French, are both up and downtempo odes that recall nothing so much as a night with Nile Rogers.

Maripol reveals, “Le freak, c’est chic.” (Laughs). “For more chic is a hard word to define. You can’t buy it in a story. It is something you inherit. I got it from my mother and my grandmother. I live in the present, but also in the past. I look at Paris and Hollywood in the 40s and 50s. Everything is an inspiration, from the screen to the streets.

“Look at Commes des Garçons. Their first show revolutionized the Parisian scene with Jean-Michel Basquiat as a model in a suit and bare feet. Chic in the 80s was a natural chic. We didn’t have the money to get dressed. We were very creative.”

Maripol is a force of energy that shines over the Manhattan skyline with a brilliant warmth. Warm like a fire and flickering like a flame, she is one and the same as those who wore her designs in the earliest years, or appeared in her Polaroids, objets d’art unto themselves. Maripol is that trip from Paris to the moon, a ride alongside luminaries like Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf, Francesco Clemente, Debi Mazar, Vincent Gallo, Anna Sui, Steven Meisel, Pat Cleveland, Kid Creole, Futura 2000, Patti Astor, Edwige, Rene Ricard, Teri Toye, Klaus Nomi, John Sex, John Lurie, James Chance, Stephen Sprouse, Anya Phillips, Victor Bockris, Amos Poe, Diego Cortez

Maripol took the New York City by storm with her unforgettable approach to art and life. Read the full story at THE CHIC.

tinybriar said:

i just fucking got it. agitha's spanish name is maripola. mariposa. butterfly. she collects fucking bugs. i'm fuckin g


next time they’ll change Link’s name to Duende