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Super Mario Kombat

Who’s the ideal person to be saving everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom? Is it the pudgy, middle-aged plumber? Or is it the shape-shifting Outworld sorceror Shang Tsung?

The answer should be pretty obvious.


The playable roster of the hit NES and Arcade title, Super Smash Bros., which originally released in the summer of 1988.

Masahiro Sakurai, the 18 year old rookie developer behind the project, originally planned to include a number of other characters in the game. Pauline, Toad, Excitebiker, Ice Climber, Balloon Fighter, Ganon, Ridley and Urban Champion were all in the original design documents for the game but were left on the cutting room floor due to hardware limitations. Additionally, Mr. Sakurai approached Taito and asked to include the Space Invader as a playable character. Unfortunately, his request was respectfully declined. 


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It’s funny. I think back to when I picked up that Nintendo 64 controller and played Super Smash for the first time. Now my brothers, my friends and I are all waiting for this to be released after playing the first one, melee, brawl, and even Project m. The game has progressed to the point where I’ll be sitting in the cafeteria at my college playing on my 3ds and I can be challenged by a stranger that probably grew up with the games too. The variety of people this game attracts is unreal. I’m so excited, guys.