Mol’-luk the Condor looking off over the World from his Rock on Mount Diablo.

The Dawn of the World: Myths and Weird Tales Told by the Mewan Indians of California

C. Hart Merriam
Cleveland: The Arthur H. Clark Co., 1910.

“We already knew he had cancer. I called my aunt and asked if grandpa was coming to the game. She said, ‘Oh, he doesn’t feel good.’ I told her to tell grandpa, ‘If you don’t come, I’m not going to get a hit. The only way I get a hit is if you come.‘“My aunt told him, and he said, ‘OK, get me my clothes.’ And he came to the ballpark, and after the game, he hugged me, and he said, ‘I’m fine. I’m still alive. Just enjoy being alive.’ He started crying, and that was the last game he saw me play here.”