I was tagged by the amazing nerd-geek-fangirl-hybrid!

Rules: Write 15 things that make you happy and then tag 15 people.

1. Friendly animals
2. My dogs
3. Cute fan art
4. the beach
5. traveling
6. Em and Marina and Meagan
7. Laura, Lizzie, Skyler, and Shelby
8. sleeping in a big warm cocoon of blankets when it snows
9. curling up on the couch with either the newest episode or a good book and some hot chocolate
10. kielbasa
11. those magnetic rocks that are really fun to play with
12. playing cello
13. playing cello while wearing a snuggie
14. eating twizzlers with friends while we wait to go onstage for a concert
15. puppies and kittens

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