K U S T A A   S A K S I
F O R   M A R I M E K K O
Marimekko just revealed its up-coming collaboration with fellow Finn textile artist Kustaa Saksi for the SS15 collection.
Well, no need to tell you that what came out of this encounter is freaking awesome and so strangely attractive.
- Chloe

I’ve been a long time fan of Finnish - now Amsterdam-based - artist Kustaa Saksi. I knew him for his tripping surreal weavings mixing nature inspired elements and psychedelic patterns, and it’s been really nice to see how his art evolved and expanded to new fields such as product and fashion design (Also see his other collaborations via agent Hugo & Marie’s website, it’s pretty cool).
His series of exclusive patterns for Marimekko was inspired by the colours and atmosphere of underwater landscapes he experienced during scuba diving trips.
The collection “ was inspired by the invigorating feeling of freedom one can experience when faced with the force of nature,” Saksi explains. “when waiting for the perfect wave and letting go of control and fear. (…) The collection brings this feeling to the urban life, offering an escape to nature through prints that depict waves and streams and life under water”.


Marimekko inspired nail art tutorial by elleandish

  • Muchi, Muchi - Essie (light bubblegum pink)
  • Peach of Cake - Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure (peachy orange)
  • Kiss Me I’m Brazilian - OPI (darker pink)
  • Alpine Snow - OPI (white)
  • Midas Touch - Finger Paints (gold microglitter)
  • Kissed at Midnight - Nicole by OPI (chunky gold glitter)
  • Sparkling - Revlon (light pink glitter)
  • black striper - Stripe Rite