[Big Re-Formation] First entries of some of the new SKE48 members.

So, up to know all the members - Karen left aside - have already expressed that they decided to accept the transfer.
How about we get ready to welcome them? :)
I count on you. At least on most of you lol
Let’s also hope for Karen to be able to come to the decision she feels it’s the best for her.
If she decides to come, we’ll be here welcoming her too, right?

140825 SKE48 EbiSho! Episode 7

On the 7th episode, EbiSho! heads out on it’s first outdoor filming!
They will be learning about the occupation of field salespersons at a Home Center!
The members in pairs, will try to sell the product which they think that they will be able to sell at a Home Center!
Which pair of members will be able to get the maximum sales revenue in a limited period of time!?
And furthermore! Matsumura and Tani head towards Iwate prefecture’s Yamada town! What is it that Matsumura wants to show Tani that they have come here for?

Watch on Dailymotion or download softsubs for this episode from our homepage here :

Translator: KudoShinichi, Hayate
Timer: Key
Typeset: Michael Soares
QC: Mayuyu, Ricky

All the previous episodes which have been deleted from Dailymotion are available for streaming here :

And the Extended Segments of the hitchhiking journey here :
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NicoNico Live - SKE48 16thSG「12月のカンガルー」発売SP 24H走り抜け!!生放送で欲しがってもいいですか?

As a commemoration of SKE48’s 16th Single “12Gatsu no Kangaroo” that will be released on December 10th, Nico Nico Live will broadcast an SKE48 24H SP program! Approcimately ALL SKE48 members are going to appear in the program.
Broadcast time is from December 9th (16:00 JST) until December 10th (16:00 JST)

Stream it here: Link

141101 SKE48 EbiCalcio! Episode 4

Back with more EbiCalcio this time!!

On the fourth episode, a survey to find out how much of the members’ views and opinions about love and relationships match the ones of the usual girls of their same age! 

How many members will have the same view as usual girls who aren’t idols!? And what kind of shocking answers await from the members and their delusions!

Also! Matsumura and Tani on Living off Lottery Prize Winnings! As the two of them plan their new strategy, will they be able to win their first ever lottery prize just yet!? 

Watch on Dailymotion or download softsubs for this episode from our homepage here :

Translator: araishikeiwai, KudoShinichi
Timer: Key
Typeset: Michael Soares
QC: Mayuyu, Hayate
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Heads up about the new members to be transferred\in concurrency in SKE48.

Karen: She hasn’t written anything today as well. She didn’t even send any mobile mail. Her fans are worried. There’s no way to know what her intentions are at the moment, now that a whole day passed from the comment saying she wouldn’t go anywhere.

Boss: Today she went back to Fukuoka and discussed the Reformation with her family.

Sae: She’s trying to write a blog post in order to express her feelings, but she’s having a hard time finishing it. She’d prefer to convey directly through her voice what she has to.

Suzuran: She hasn’t written anything.

Miyuki: She belives it’s going to be hard, but also that, if she’ll manage to do this, she’ll gain a lot of confidence.

Yurina: She’s still unsure about what to do and she asks the fans to wait for her to made the decision (they have until 18:00 of the 26th).

Nana: She hasn’t mentioned the topic today.

Sumire: Akarin (E Leader) shared her post from yesterday, thanking her and telling her to go catching a lot of chances together. Sumire shared a post from Akari and said: “I’ll follow you, Daasu-chan. I’m filled with things I don’t understand yet, so please teach me a lot, okay? Take care of me!”. Tsugumi, Madoka and Akari commented under the post welcoming her and reciprocating her greetings.

Tani: She shared Boss’ post in which she wrote she’d become Sakae’s boss. So Marika went like “If she’ll become Sakae’s boss, I’ll become Sakae’s busu!” <- ugly girl.
Also, Akari shared Marika’s post from yesterday, thanked her and said she won’t let her regret the fact that she’ll go to SKE.

In short: The situation is pretty much unchanged from yesterday, aside from the fact that Yurina showed some hesitation.
The biggest doubt is that surrounding Karen. We shall wait tomorrow for that.

SKE48 16th Single: "12-gatsu no Kangaroo"
12-gatsu no Kangaroo  - 「12月のカンガルー」
Double Center :  Miyamae Ami & Kitagawa Ryouha Takayanagi Akane, Furukawa Airi , Furuhata Nao, Oba Mina, Souda Sarina, Yamada Nana , Matsui Rena, Matsui Jurina, Oya Masana, Futamura Haruka, Miyamae Ami, Azuma Rion, Kitagawa Ryouha, Miyazawa Sae , Sato Sumire, Tani Marika, Suda Akari, Kimoto Kanon, Shibata Aya, Iwanaga Tsugumi, Yamauchi Suzuran, Watanabe Miyuki