The Aftermath Of Q.E.

So, yeah. After ng Q.E. namin, we had our short-lived freedom; we went to ASDFGHJKL and yeah. xD Ilan kami? Four: Celine, Jana, Hannah, and me. Dapat nga kasama si Mala, kaso lang she got lost. :( So, apat na nga lang kaming naggala. Dapat nga kasama si Chelsea or Ajen, but since Chelsea will return to Alabang and Ajen to Sta. Cruz, hindi na namin sila pinilit. We weren’t able to ask Delaine, and I had a cue that she couldn’t come either. :\

Anyway, the four of us went to Moon Leaf and Vega. We had our pictorial ( Eye Glasses Fashion & Trip to Vega). We could have stayed longer and had more photos, though Jana has her training that afternoon— until evening, I guess; Hannah has to go home at around 4:30 PM; and my service will fetch me after the Sophies’ Exam (4 something in the afternoon).

I want to upload photos here, but I’m so lazy. Just search for it in FB: CeMaHaJa Pictorial/Photoshoot. :))