"… a pair of [E.V. Day’s] suspended saber tooth tigers that will be on view this month at Mary Boone Gallery as part of her solo exhibition, “Semi-Feral.” Here, a peek behind the scenes." (wmagazine.com)

While Ted Bundy was in prison, his friend Carole Boone, whom he had met the summer he worked at the Department of Emergency Services, became his lover. When Bundy was convicted for murder, he and Boone requested permission from Florida’s prison authority the get married. Permission was refused. Bundy then pulled off a coup by performing the marriage ceremony himself. Boone filled out the necessary marriage licenses at the courthouse. She was then called to the stand by Bundy to testify as a character witness during his sentencing hearing. During the examination, Bundy suddenly asked her if she would marry him and she replied, yes. Bundy then responded that he, too, wanted to marry her. A notary hired by Boone sat among the courtroom spectators and witnessed the exchange or vows. Under Florida law, Bundy and Boone were now legally maried, and thus Boone had the right to ask for contact visits in prison with her husband Ted. Although such visits were restricted to a kiss, a hug, and holding hands under the watchful eyes of guards, prisoners often managed to engineer some way to have sex with their visitor. Boone claimed that she and Bundy conceived a child during one of these contact visits. Their daughter was born in the autumn of 1981, the photograph above is of Ted Bundy, Carole Boone and their daughter.

KAWS “Pass the Blame” Exhibit at the Galerie Perrotin and Mary Boone Gallery Recap

KAWS returned to NYC yesterday evening with his latest exhibit at the Mary Boone Gallery in Chelsea and on the Upper East Side at the Galerie Perrotin.  The Mary Boone Exhibit featured a massive 18 ft. wood companion.  Uptown, the “Pass the Blame” Exhibit took place.  The exhibit runs thru December 21, 2013.

View the complete exhibit HERE

Galerie Perrotin, New York

909 Madison Avenue

New York, NY 10021

Mary Boone Gallery
541 W. 24th St.
New York, NY 10011