So I suck at fics and writing, but this is for my pal Briggs for her birthday and the illustration kind of needs it, so here goes!

Mari stepped out of the shower and wrapped herself in a towel, feeling thoroughly invigorated   She put her hair back in her trademark pigtails and slid her headband on, and was about to get dressed when she noticed the Second Child’s silhouette through the curtain that served as a bathroom door.  She pulled the curtain back just enough to see Asuka in the kitchen, cooking.  For some reason, the Second Child always cooked wearing nothing but her bra and and a skimpy pair of shorts beneath her apron.  Asuka must have just finished cooking, because she was taking off her apron.  Seeing her practically in her underwear, Mari couldn’t take it anymore.  The tension had been building between them throughout their stay together, and this was it for her.  The point of no return.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

Mari threw back the curtain, bounding across the room, her towel falling from her and forgotten.  Asuka’s face was priceless; first shocked, then seeing Mari naked she went bright red, and then the dawning realization that this crazy naked girl was headed right for her-

Mari hit her a bit more forcefully than intended, nearly bowling her over, and went straight for the kiss.  She knew she’d probably get a slap for this once the fiery redhead recovered from the shock, but as she pressed up against Asuka, all she could think was:

Worth it.

blood sea fragrance

title: blood sea fragrance
word count: 1077
summary: After so much time spent in plugsuits, basking in LCL and dead air, being in nothing but their skin feels new, like a fresh change of clothes, like their own cells are linen.
note: I think I’m really developing a fondness for unrequited Mari. Creeping Mari, too.

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li-syaoron said:

for the meme... MariAsuka. (ahaha you did not see that coming, eh?)

[No, I didn’t. XD And While I watched the rebuild movies, I know just a little of the original series. But I’ll try my best. ^w^]

—The following is for the mun, not muse.—  

Who cooks: Those two take turns but more often Asuka cooks. 

Who does the laundry and other chores: Both of them takes turns but mostly because while they love to wear each other’s shirts every once in a while, they rather not have the other ruin it.

How many children do they have: If it were up to Asuka, none but thanks to Mari’s laid back but reassuring disposition, maybe one or two kids.

Who’s more dominate: Mari. (*snorts*)

Favorite nonsexual activity: Piloting the EVAS Sitting around, watching TV.

Their favorite place to be together: On top of the school roof or any roof to watch the night sky.

Any traditions: Asuka would willingly cuddle if in a very good mood. She’s okay with physical affections but cross the line and Mari will be punched in the gut. Mari is a ‘what goes, goes’ kind of gal.

Their “song”: ‘Love you like a love song’ by Selena Gomez 

What they do for each other on holidays: Exchange gifts; go out to see the lights. 

Where did they go for their honeymoon: [Beats me. XD]

Where did they first meet: Mari checking into the NERV but ending up in the hospital for her wounds. She end up in Asuka’s ward while the red-head’s recuperating. 

Any pets: Maybe just a dog. They don’t seem like cat lovers.

What do they fight over: Pfft, what don’t they fight over? The real question is, what are the chances of them having make-up sex? XD

Do they go on vacations, if so where: Well they can but with the world being all messed up, there’s not many places to go. But if there was a place, maybe they just travel by plane; first class. Or by a lake; enjoying the water.