2014 in Cosplay: Photoshoots/Other events

Tony Stark || The Riddler || Tony Stark (again) || Qui-Gon Jinn || El Mariachi || Remus Lupin || Will Graham || Queen of Hearts || Kili || Ardeth Bay (click through for photo credits)

These photos, although the cosplays themselves are a little rougher, are probably my favourites. They remind me of all the fantastic things that have happened through this ridiculous hobby - meeting hanahmiya when they were in Melbourne, all the crazy cosplay shenanigans thefirelordtriumphant (who features in four of these photos) and I have gotten into. They remind me of my ridiculous friends the Viclockians and all the amazing fun times we’ve had this year, at the marauders shoot, at the pub, at our Tumblr Prom. I also tried my hand at doing cosplay skits this year, which turned out pretty well since I won all four of the competitions I entered! (you can see videos here :D)

It’s been a good year.

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From the anon asking how they would have sex,it would be a frICKLE FRACKLE CONGA LINE ARIBA!!

*mariachi music plays*

Just got back from seeing Book of Life, finally.

Overall, I liked it! As a Mexican-American, I loved seeing all the different references to Mexican culture. My favorite ones were the subtle ones. (For example, at one point, “less dignified than a pig” was used as an insult, and in Mexico that’s a HUGE low blow. In fact, some people consider that worse than cursing. Tiny details like that were a cool touch.)

The story played out more like a Mexican children’s fairytale than as an actual representation of Mexico, but it was still enjoyable.

I only wish there were more Mexican songs rather than American ones. More rancheras, corridos, and mariachi would have been nice (maybe sung in English?).

I actually related to the characters a bit, too. My grandpa was also a Mexican musician. He was a professional violin player in his youth in Zacatecas, and he just had this huge passion for it. It always amazed me how he would just tune out the world and get into the music when he played. And coincidentally, My grandmother’s name was Maria. Cool parallels!

And the visuals were beautiful~ Especially in the second half.


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I just wanted to point out the photo of the guys dressed in mariachi costumes is a little racist.

it was from star trek the next generation in the late 80s

a flawed show that tried harder than most but still had it’s cringeworthy moments

the character who starts that moment is an omnipotent being who announces his presence by speaking FRENCH

he also materialises to fantasy women companions for a character

everyone in the scene is like WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS CUT THIS SHIT OUT because Q is a trouble maker

the moment of sexist racism is INCREDIBLY MILD and lacks any specific stereotypes other than mariachi bands exist and here is an inaccurate representation of them????

so yeah it is but it’s also so absurd and minor it doesn’t really try to act like the throw away gag represents an entire culture either because whenever race is mentioned that isn’t about a fictional alien one they do make an attempt on star trek series from the 80s-90s period to represent various cultures decently

so yes the throwaway gag from a humorous antagonist from an 80s television show is a bit racist

Mexico’s ski racing uniform wins the Olympics

As soon as I saw him I knew I had to know more about him. Besides having the best uniform, Hubertus von Hohenlohe, Mexico’s only athlete at the Winter Olympics, turns out he’s quite a character full of surprises.

- He’s a 55 year old German prince whose grandfather, Kaiser Franz II, was the last Holy Roman emperor. He was born in Mexico, that’s why he can represent the country
- He is fluent in five languages
- An artist himself, he befriended Andy Warhol at Studio 54
- He is the heir to an automobile fortune. His father introduced Volkswagen into Mexico
- He is a musician who has put out eight records so far, including this 2013 track “Higher Than Mars”
- He will be the second-oldest winter Olympian in history when he hits the Sochi slopes in his mariachi-inspired uniform.

Mind blown.