A Place To Work At | Maria & Nathan

Half of his clothes were laying all over the floor, bed and desk in Nathan’s room, but he just found what he was searching for: the list with places that were hiring in halley port. Jenn gave it to him earlier but typically Nathan, he lost it. He grabbed one of the bottles with vodka out of his shelf and put on a pair of new jeans, new vans, a new shirt and a jacket. Nathan even put on a tie just to make Maria laugh a little.

She told him that she wasn’t feeling that good today and Nathan was worried about her again. He seemed to think about her a lot lately. He stumbled down the stairs and out of the front door to make his way to Maria’s place. He was already late since he had to find the list, but it was still acceptable when he checked the time in front of Maria’s house. He stepped up to the front door and knocked quickly while listening to the music that he could hear from inside the house.