So uh, looks like this may be the last gig of the year (but then again…). I can’t even begin to describe this year. It completely flew by and stayed busy. (That’ll be for another post). But crazy happy that if this is the last job, I went out with a bang!! Thank you #dailymail for having me photo-document your NYC headquarters launch! Love my job when I work with a great team and the celebs are down-to-earth!! Congrats!!! Check pix here or google NYC launch!! #onthejob #margaritacorporandotcom #bathroomjoblocation #newclient

It’s live!!! See exclusive photos of #djshadow and #djcutchemist mixing all that is the legend #afrikabambaataa!!! Killer event!!!! #margaritacorporandotcom #rollingstone #exclusive #backstage #oldschool #hiphop #legend #nyceventphotographer (at 17 Irving Plaza, New York City, Ny 10003)


Agh! What a year!!!! Abundantly grateful for all the photography work that came my way in 2014. Every single one was an unforgettable experience, collaborating with some amazing and genuine people who appreciated what I brought to the table. This is a huge Thank You for trusting my eye and creativity to best illustrate your event. Here’s to 2015 and to many more reflective #onthejob selfies and to a lot more traveling!!! Happy New Year to my family and friends, wishing you many happy moments and lots of blessings!! #MargaritaCorporanDotCom #mcEventPhotos
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