Guys. G u y s. My sister is spamming my dash with Teen Wolf stuff and I don't know if I like it or not.

I mean, the guy is kind of handsome and everything, but I don’t watch the show and I didn’t know she had started watching it and now I’m all like oh my god what is happening to my sister what is all this shoULD I BE CONCERNED!?!?!


Sister, what are you not telling me!?!?!

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Hi! Anyway I can get a link to the video where Dylan and Tyler are on the 'ship'? I can't find it anywhere :(

Hm, I’m searching for one for you. It will be posted as soon as one is located.
Followers, anyone have one? :) Thanks!  

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……are you reading Harry Potter???! What book are you on? Did you tell mom or are you hiding the books under your bed/pillow/stuffed dragon?

Shhhhhhh, Mom doesn’t need to know yet; just like with the Twilight books OK? I’d be on the 5th one but you don’t have it so I have to wait to smuggle it from Sara. And I do not hide things under my pillow. >:I Nor do I have a stuffed dragon. You should know I’m a bit cleverer than that, sister dearest. >.>

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Hope you’re enjoying my movies ^__^

I am. >.>

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They are just upping their attacks since I am not there for them to target :D WELCOME TO MY LIFE! ALL MY LIFE! Except where I am now. Safe. With no roaches, mosquitos, fire ants, yellow flies, hornets, or giant flesh eating wood spiders ^_________^

Lol, I can deal with all those others; it’s just the wasps and roaches that I spazz over. Besides, you traded bugs for EARTHQUAKES AND MUDSLIDES. BUGS ARE FINE COMPARED TO THAT SISTER DEAREST.