marebearjo said:

Hi lovely! So in the pic of the moms I can't tell which mom is which. Can you help me? I know which one is Calum's and I am pretty sure I know which one is Liz.

oh omg ofc i don’t mind helping you bb!!


starting from the far left: michael’s mom (karen), ashton’s mom (ann marie), calum’s mom (joy i think??), and luke’s mom (liz)!!

marebearjo said:

Hi love! I was wondering how long you have been into/doing yoga for? I really wanna get into it, but I find it hard to find some sort of motivation to do it. Have and recommendations?

Thanks for the great question! I started in January 2013, so just over a year and a half ago. Since I started, I’ve been really consistent with it. I started going 2 times a week, then moved up to 3, and now I do yoga 6 days a week. As for motivation, I honestly just love it and can’t think of my life without it! The deeper I’ve gotten into my practice and the more I’ve learned about my body and bodies in general, the more in love with yoga I’ve become because I see how healing it is, mentally and physically.

As for getting started, I would find a studio that you like and take classes with a few different teachers. Find one you like, and go to their classes. Of course you can have a home practice only, but when I was a beginner, I did best in a class with a teacher I loved because then I looked forward to going. Plus I learned a lot more about the poses and alignment required for them, so I knew I was doing them right and gaining the benefits.

I hope that helps, and let me know if you get started!! 

marebearjo said:

Hi Mara! So I'm trying to build up the confidence to ask my best friend to homecoming. He is also a big Disnerd and we have known each other for a while now. Can you think of any cute ideas that would make it hard for him to say no?

Hello, darlin’! 

Oh man. I am so bad at romantic stuff I don’t even know. What’s a Disney movie that you both love and watch together? Like for example, if it’s Tangled, you could watch it together, and then randomly bring up homecoming and act all bummed because you can’t go because your parents are locking you away in your tower. and then be maybe say something along the lines of “but if you’re brave enough to rescue me I could be your date” ;) Something fun like that! Incorporate a Disney movie into it, it would be cute and I’m sure he’d say yes ^_^ I hope this was somewhat helpful!