Video #2!
We figured out our rein lengths! She looked so comfortable here (and tired…this was at the end of the session). Hopefully tomorrow I can try working on the rhythm and length of her trot and walk. My goal for the canter is rhythm and NOT leaning in with her shoulder.
Her hindquarters get so tight when she’s in any sort of “collected” frame, even undersaddle, so I’m hoping to really work on loosening her up on the lunge.

She only had one freak out on this side but that was because unsupervised children were released in the parking lot and allowed to run around screaming with three dogs. I almost shouted at them to control their children but I got caught up in keeping Tesla at a walk. She calmed pretty quickly and CONTINUED to work afterwards without needing to stop and regroup the brain. So proud 😌


9 years ago today, a sassy opinionated little redhead was born. She would later grow up to be pass through a few different people, often being forgotten about because they were too busy. She would miss out learning how to properly do a lead change, how to carry herself effectively and many other thing. She would spend a year doing nothing but get fat. She would then be purchased by a 15 year old with big dreams in early 2014. They would go on to go through many rough patches, lots of attitude issues and a 1400km move. While they still have a ways to go, that now 16 year old has hope they will someday make it into the show ring.

Happy 9th birthday, Goober. Heres to many more, my love. 

L'acqua liscia e pallida si squarciava sotto i loro tuffi. Agostino vedeva il corpo della madre inabissarsi circonfuso di un verde ribollimento e subito le si slanciava dietro, con desiderio di seguirla ovunque, anche in fondo al mare.
—  Alberto Moravia, Agostino