I wanted to get all three of my versions of Spirit and Rain’s kids in one picture—unfortunately, I don’t know where the plans for their markings went at the moment, so while their colors are pretty much what I want, their markings are subject to change.
Dusty and Misty are definitely going to keep their paint coats, but Miguel might become a solid coat or only have sock markings.

Dusty (the dun coat) is the clearly the oldest, and her siblings, Misty (reddish brown filly) and Miguel (dark grey colt) are one year younger than her.

Dusty was born with a permanent “whatever” attitude, so dealing with her rowdy brother and sister just adds to it.  They’re all extremely independent—Dusty tends to keep to herself and the foals just like to explore and run around on their own—though they all have pretty good relationships with both of their parents and Esperanza.