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The shooting took place around 11:30 p.m., just steps away from the Venice sign near Winward and Pacific avenues, CBS Los Angeles reports. LAPD officers were responding to call from an employee at Cairo Cowboy saying that there was a homeless man with a dog harassing people. When officers arrived, they saw a man arguing with a bouncer outside of the bar. After confronting the man, a struggle ensued between two officers and the man, and then gunshots were fired, ABC 7 reports.

It’s not clear at this point how many shots were fired or if more than one officer shot the man, according to the L.A. Times.

The man was rushed to a hospital where he later died.

LAPD Officer Meghan Aguila told ABC 7 that it’s not uncommon for them to receive calls about people harassing others in the area. “The protocol would be to use the least amount of force necessary to control the situation,” she said. Aguila said a Taser was not used during the incident.

Here’s the video after the shooting

Both officers involved have been placed on administrative leave while police are investigating.


New Avengers Headcanons
  • Wanda will sometimes trick the Avengers into dancing really badly while everyone laughs.
  • Pietro insists on having pizza every Saturday. When Thor asks what pizza is, Pietro gives him some. Thor now has a pizza every 2 days.
  • Whenever Pietro is being too annoying for the team to handle, Wanda sends him to sleep using her powers.
  • One day, Wanda apologies to Steve, Thor and Natasha for the mind tricks she used on them. Steve says “It’s fine.“ Thor compliments her for being powerful enough to trick an Asgardian. Natasha takes her on a girls night out with Jane and Pepper.
  • Pietro sometimes convinces Vision to hide Thor’s hammer somewhere and watch him try to find it.
  • One day, Loki tries to take down the Avengers all by himself upon finding out the Hulk won’t be a threat and that Thor is busy. He get’s defeated by Wanda, who makes him dance to Gangnam Style until Thor shows up.
  • Pietro makes $10 every week from Sam by running laps around Steve saying “On. Your. Left.“
  • Vision is the one who breaks up every. single. argument.
  • Wanda and Pietro will talk in their native language randomly. Steve and Natasha (who both speak their language) join in, while the others are left extremely confused. Eventually, Sam asks Vision to translate what they are talking about. They are just discussing take out options.
  • Thor, Pietro and Steve have drinking contests while the others make bets. Vision is the referee, and Natasha supplies the drinks.
  • Pietro regularly plays pranks on everyone, and they all have a different reaction. Wanda is annoyed, but laughs every time. Sam and War Machine both try and catch him with their own pranks, and fail. Natasha has never been tricked. Steve and Vision keep giving him advice on how to improve them.
  • Steve eventually picks up Thor’s hammer. And then promptly puts in an elevator to see if it works.
  • When Peggy passes away, Wanda uses her powers to create a “dance“ between him and Peggy to let him have the date he never had. It’s the first time Wanda saw Steve cry.

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Imagine overprotective Wintersoldier Bucky Barns accidentally photo bombing Steve + fans selfies.

“You’re like, the new Waldo,” Sam says, shaking out a copy of US Weekly. He flops it on the table over the glossy covers of InTouch and OK!; one of which prominently features Steve carrying a bag of groceries and tugging on the brim of his baseball cap. Someone in the editing department has helpfully included a yellow circle demarcating Bucky’s blurry figure in the background.

Bucky pulls the magazine over and takes a look. The featured story is apparently a collection of fan photos and paparazzi shots: Steve signing someone’s t-shirt at press event, a selfie with three excited looking teenagers somewhere on the National Mall, what appears to be the back of Steve’s head while he orders coffee at a popup bistro.

In every shot - and there are pages, pages of them he realizes, flipping through each of the examples Sam has brought home - there he is, a shadow somewhere in the frame.

“I know you’re all, you know, stealth and shit,” Sam continues cheerfully, “but when you follow around someone as high profile as Steve, you might want to try leaving the leather and kevlar at home.”