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Movie Info:

Release Date : 2015-05-22
Casts : Katey Sagal, Brittany Snow, Skylar Astin, Hana Mae Lee, Alexis Knapp, Elizabeth Banks, Anna Camp, Kelley Jakle, Shelley Regner, Rebel Wilson, Ester Dean, Hailee Steinfeld, Anna Kendrick
Duration : 115 minutes runtime
Rating : 9.2

♩ ♪ ♭ ♮ ♯ ø  ♩ ♪ ♮  P.I.T.C.H - P.E.R.F.E.C.T  2  ♩ ♪ ♭ ♮ ♯ ø  ♩ ♪ 

Collegiate acapella group the Barden Bellas enter into an international competition that no American team has ever won.



Now I know what it feels to see my enemy so distracted
                      he doesn’t see 
the real danger is right in front of him. 

How many times has Felicity been underestimated and insulted by those who tried to harm her and those she loves? Isabel called her a slut. Slade viewed her as weak. Clinton laughed at the idea that someone who looked so innocent and sweet had the means to make him crawl. And Cooper –the same guy she used to be in love with– saw her as some lame ass kisser for the sake of money. All of them being smug, all of them seeing her as nothing more than a liability –useless and an easy target. Why? Because she’s no ninja. And every single one of those times, Felicity ended up handing them their ass. With this ongoing belief and the claims of the haters that a woman is useless unless she’s a masked superhero who kicks ass and throws punches all around, I really needed to point this out. There is no rule, no reality that sets that a woman who is sweet, kind and compassionate can’t find a way to save herself and others. A woman might not be a warrior, but she can sure as hell be the strongest fighter. And that’s who Felicity has proven to be over and over and over again in the course of three years on the show. This gifset only serves as a small example of that strength.

Tony Stark and Wilson Fisk

Tony Stark being fucking concerned about the shit going down in Hell’s Kitchen, about this Devil that’s popped up.

Tony Stark hearing about the Fisk guy coming out of the woodwork, watching the interviews with him, finding him genuine in a way he honestly envies, in a way he could never imagine Obie or Howard being. 

Tony Stark totally planning on going to the fundraiser but losing track of time and only finding out after the fact how wrong things went

Tony Stark talking at length with Pepper about doing something, but not getting around to it, losing time to his own projects, and by the time he rises above the surface again, by the time he’s back in New York and paying attention, Fisk has been arrested, with a body-count to his name even if its only by association. 

Tony Stark not knowing what the fuck to think because–because–

Wilson Fisk seemed so earnest

“Its the quiet ones you gotta look out for,” he tells Pepper later, covering his disappointment. Really, its the ones with power you gotta look out for, and he’s struggling to reconcile that. Really reconcile that. 

“He had us all fooled, Tony,” Pepper says. 

Tony just nods, tries to pretend something else has caught his interest so that he can drop the subject.


No Charges For Another White Off-Duty Officer Who Shot, Killed Black Teen

A prosecutor says no charges will be filed against an off-duty white police officer who shot and killed a black 18-year-old in October.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce’s report, released Monday, says a criminal violation could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt in the killing of VonDerrit Myers Jr. The report says the officer had reason to suspect Myers was armed and a chase ensued.

Shot and killed by an off-duty St. Louis police officer on the night of Wednesday, October 8th, 18-year-old VonDerrit Myers had just purchased a sandwich with his friends from the local Shaw Market.

In an interview with Matt Pearce of the Los Angeles Times, the manager of the market, Berhe Beyet, said:

Like six minutes after I sold him a sandwich, he got shot… He wasn’t armed when he was here. He didn’t have a hoodie.

One of the biggest issues with this case was how often the Police changed their stories without any transparency. 

Just about 10 miles away from where Mike Brown was killed by Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri, two months earlier, the police, just as they did in the aftermath of the Mike Brown killing, have revealed many factual errors in their narrative of the incident and have since changed their story of what happened, time after time after time.

With the completion of the prosecutor’s investigation into the Myers shooting, Joyce said she will turn her attention to a review of the fatal shooting of Kajieme Powell on Aug. 19 by two city officers who said he came at them with a knife.

Protests have spread and are continuing to grow


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