Quick Tips on how to deal with Social Media Hate by @MarchiP

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You know, am not the one to tell you what or not to do, online. I certainly don’t have any unwritten rules that only apply to the reader but not the author.

But I will say, common decency is not considered, by many of us, as a ‘rule’. To me, not attacking others for expressing their believes and ideas, doesn’t make me ignorant, unfamiliar or fake.

And I certainly do not have the time for narcissists, I spare my time for those I find welcoming. I don’t pay attention to relegion, politics, nationality, sex, colour, etc and I do expect the same from others.

However, if you find yourself in an unwanted situation, I suggest you get out a.s.a.p.! There are many individuals, online, that seem to feed on petty behaviour. If they continue to harrass you, take the following steps….

- Kindly ask the individual to stop and let them know you’re uncomfortable with the situation. 

- Do not reply or respond to their harassment.  

- Make sure you keep a record of everything, save posts, messages, emails and so on. Take screen shots and save them appropriately, in case there’s a need for them, in the future.

- Remove individual from your contact list and that applies to all platforms, of use.

- Many platforms also allow you to block other users and unable them from seeing/viewing your content.

- If you think reporting is a must, include any savings as evidence.

But whatever you do, DO NOT feel that you need to delete your current pages to put an end to the situation. Stand your grounds and keep in mind, the same could be happening to another by the same individual!!

Of course, if you are receiving death threats and believe you and loved ones are actually in physical danger, please….

- Record all steps you have taken, to avoid your harasser;, including requests and replies from platforms, in regards to your situation. 

- Also gather any online information you can find, on your harasser, such as profile URLs, websites, emails, etc.

- Contact your local authorities and inform them, in detail.

Safe online travels, people….

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Keep Your Twitter A/C Safe

Practice safe and secure tweeting….

  • Use a strong password.
  • Make sure you’re on ‘’ before you sign into your account.
  • Do not open suspicious links. (If you do so, change your current password asap)
  • Use HTTPS for improved security. (Just go to your Settings, Account and select “Always use HTTPS”).
  • Don’t give your username and password to untrusted third parties.

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