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A sweet, adventurous, instrumental playlist dedicated to a maiden and her knight.

I’m so horribly excited for the finale that I had to put this together immediately. If i said it didn’t make me cry from happiness, I’d be a big fat liar.

Listen to on 8tracks here: (X)

i. Belle’s Story, Mark Isham ▌ii. Ice Dance, Danny Elfman ▌iii. Casper’s Lullaby, James Horner ▌iv. Il était une fois un riche marchand, Pierre Adenot ▌v. The Journey to the West, Joe Hisaishi ▌vi. Brothers’ Kyoudai, FMA OST ▌vii. Isabeaux S'Y Promene/Banais Mairead , Tannahill Weavers ▌viii. Maid Marian, Michael Kamen ▌ix. Anywhere the Heart Goes, Henry Mancini ▌x. My Edward and I, Dario Marianelli ▌xi. First Love, Utada Hikaru ▌xii. Merry Go Round of Life, Joe Hisaishi ▌xiii. Transformation, Beauty and the Beast OST

Here’s Harpy trying out Opal’s magic shovel and learning how to fly it herself. The result,.. well you know. Everyone else she passes are either amazed, shocked or annoyed either way.

I had other concept drawings made before finishing this. I have links to them in my Deviantart page’s if you want to see them. Give me your opinion on them and see if I should color them in or not depending on which one you like the most;

Drawing Material: Colored Pencils, Art Paper

“2015”  Harpy Gee characters and setting (Brianne Drouhard) Artwork and Design (Jarod Marchand/Sketchmen Studio) All Rights Reserved.


The three (Ferals) Painted commission I’ve took and completed. Commissions like this are opened and in unlimited slots, just check out my queue / pending list - you can contact me over camille.dion.bolduc at !

Thank you so much for your support and great ideas ! 

Sausage Rap (NHL edition)
  • Erik Karlsson:Everybody say sausage keep it going! Eggs, bacon, grits...Sausage
  • Jonathan Toews:I’m a skinny bitch but I still take...Sausage
  • Sidney Crosby:I got a fat ass but I still take the...Sausage
  • Jamie Benn:I got a flat ass but I still take...Sausage
  • Brad Marchand:Wake up in the morning got to eat that...Sausage
  • Brian Campbell:I’m a redhead but I still take the...Sausage
  • PK Subban:I’m a gay nigga but I still take...Sausage
  • Carey Price:White girl, swag girl, take ya man’s...Sausage
  • Alex Ovechkin:*something no one understands*...Sausage
  • Gabe Landeskog:I’m white and i’m thick but you know I get the...Sausage
  • Ilya Bryzgalov:Yeah I read books but they all about...Sausage
  • Pierre McGuire:I like girls can I still take sausage?

Flashback Friday: The Bruins Are “Boston Strong”

April 17, 2013 is more than just a date. It was the day Boston and all of New England began to heal. Two days earlier, two explosions rocked Boylston Street near the finish line at the 116th running of the Boston Marathon. A day that was supposed to honor a tradition that had been held since…