i was so excited i saw new karlie pics of her going to taylor’s house and started posting them on my karlie blog and then 5 pics in i realize i’m putting march 28th instead of may 28th and no one said a thing until it was too late i want to delete my blogs

~Haruno Sakura~

Yes, she’s fictional.

Yes, she’s animated.

Yes, she’s a pretend character.

However, i would be lying if i didn’t say she makes me the happiest person.

I love Haruno Sakura with all my heart and….her BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP! *MARCH 28th*

To celebrate, i wanted to accumulate all the reasons to why i admire her so much.

I love the way she aimed her goal in becoming stronger.

The way she never gave up and became determined to get stronger

The way she surprised me by her awesomeness

BOTH WAYS (my face was basically Naruto’s (below))

I love the way she cares and saves people day to day

I love her smile:

I love the way she doesn’t give up and automatically sacrifices herself for the sake of another.

I love the way she understands her closest friends:

and saves them at any cost:

It may sound like exaggeration.

It may sound like i’m implying that she’s perfect.

It may sound like i’m a lesbian.

However, i would be lying if i didn’t think Sakura was flawless.

Everything about her strikes strength, independence, beauty, determination and compassion. She represents women brilliantly and that is why i admire her.

famous aries: pharrell, mariah carey, marc jacobs, vincent van gogh, leonardo da vinci, kourtney kardashian, lady gaga, peyton manning, juicy j, 

again, most importantly pharrell.