• All four are in LA! They attended and performed at the Kids’ Choice Awards.
  • HQs from the Kids’ Choice Awards can be found here
  • They performed What I Like About You - a video can be found here, and as soon as there’s an HD one, I’ll be sure to share it!
  • They did not win Favourite New Artist, but they did win Best NZ/OZ Fan Army. See their acceptance speech here.
  • There’s a few red carpet videos/interviews: one | two | three | four
  • Misc videos from the show: one | two
  • After the KCAs, they hung out with friends. There’s a few pictures - one | two | three | four | five
  • They did an interview with MTV in robes for some reason.
  • They’re attending the iHeartRadio Awards tonight, March 29th.
  • This time last year: They had an HMV signing in Reading!

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Remember that post I made a long time ago about stupid shit customers put in our trash bins?

This happened today, March 28th, 2015. I go to change the customer restroom trash a bit early, because it got very slow in the mid-afternoon. Usually, all that’s in the garbage is paper towels and the occasional wrapper. This time, when I tipped the bin upside-down into the larger trash we have in the back, I heard a *thump* and felt something much heavier than paper bumping around. So I fish out this (very pristine-looking) coin purse that was stuck BEHIND the bags. “Hm,” says I, “how odd. Perhaps there is money or an ID inside that someone may come looking for.”


My bewildered eyes meet this glitter glue-decorated crack pipe, which, I must reiterate, had ever-so-stealthily [/sarcasm] been hidden under the bin liners (and not in the actual trash).  Also, that lighter is a designer Bic that says “YEP” on it.  Clearly, someone meant to come back for this.  But how did nobody figure that anyone else would find it?  I ended up stepping on it so no weirdos would go dumpster diving in our garbage to try and find/use it.  And then I proceeded to sanitize my hands twice over, despite not actually touching any of the contents of the coin purse.  CRACK IS WHACK, KIDS.  BE NICE TO YOUR BARISTAS, AND DON’T DO DRUGS IN OUR RESTROOMS.