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OH. MY. FUCKING. GOD. SOOO...YOU ARE GOIN TO RELEASE PILOT'S FIRST PAGE ON 28th OF MARCH?! THAT DAY IS MY BIRTHDAY! *--* THIS IS THE BEST PRESENT I COULD HAVE! ;; Oh...what if...I try to translate it in italian? Hoping that the askbox don't eat this


And ye go ahead friendo.

If anyone want to take pages and translate them, go ahead. Warning tho: There will be gender neutral terms too so if it isn’t available in your language, idk what to do :c

After a bit of a break I’m finally done with a bunch of things that were in eating up my time. This is your early headsup that I’ll be reopening for some limited commission slots at the end of March. These will be sorted and started the last full week of March (22th-28th), and continue to be finished over the first week or so of April.

Things you need to know:

All the important details like TOS, commission process and prices can be found organized here:

Things I WILL NOT be open for this round: Badges, character sheets, and any large sequential/multiple part commissions.

Depending on how many people submit forms, I may end up just picking the commissions that interest me the most this round. Submitting a request form does not auto garuntee you a slot this round.

Want to get an official price quote, or submit a commission request right now? You can, anyone that submits between now and either March 22nd OR once I get enough request forms in, will be considered for March commissions. You can do so here:

Got a question about a certain media, subject or idea? Email me! :

Folks! I’m holding a photography workshop at theclymb​’s HQ in Portland, OR on March 28th - 29th. Even better though, The Clymb is giving away a free seat for the workshop! Here’s how to enter:

1. Make sure you’re following @TheClymb on instagram

2. Post an original photo (on Instagram) that captures what adventure means to you

3. Use the hashtag #ClymbLife and mention @ChrisBurkard in your caption

I wish everyone could win but unfortunately only lucky person will be chosen. For the rest of you though, you can always sign up as normal for the workshop and still get a once-in-a-lifetime experience with me! 

Official rules here:

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~Haruno Sakura~

Yes, she’s fictional.

Yes, she’s animated.

Yes, she’s a pretend character.

However, i would be lying if i didn’t say she makes me the happiest person.

I love Haruno Sakura with all my heart and….her BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP! *MARCH 28th*

To celebrate, i wanted to accumulate all the reasons to why i admire her so much.

I love the way she aimed her goal in becoming stronger.

The way she never gave up and became determined to get stronger

The way she surprised me by her awesomeness

BOTH WAYS (my face was basically Naruto’s (below))

I love the way she cares and saves people day to day

I love her smile:

I love the way she doesn’t give up and automatically sacrifices herself for the sake of another.

I love the way she understands her closest friends:

and saves them at any cost:

It may sound like exaggeration.

It may sound like i’m implying that she’s perfect.

It may sound like i’m a lesbian.

However, i would be lying if i didn’t think Sakura was flawless.

Everything about her strikes strength, independence, beauty, determination and compassion. She represents women brilliantly and that is why i admire her.