Went to the beach around 8 to get some shots of the super moon. It was pretty cool sight to see it rise over the horizon. It’s not going to happen for another 18 years, so it was worth watching.

today is patrick mcgoohan’s birthday.  

this means that it’s a swell day.

for well over a decade now i have been yammering about him here, there, and everywhere.  he resonates with me so strongly because he’s a person who always did what he thought was right, no matter what anyone else told him.  he could be difficult and hard to get along with, but i have a suspicion that was reserved for people he thought were fools anyhow.  he loved his family to pieces, he adored his wife, he lived humbly and quietly and never once behaved as though he were anything special.  

he had an idea about what it means to be an individual, and that idea has stuck with some of us for a long time, and we see glimpses of that individuality in everything he did, whether on screen or off.  in short, he was a really, really cool guy.

of all the stars that shine in the sky (cue adela rogers st. johns circa 1930 writing for photoplay magazine) he always shines the brightest for me.

happy birthday, paddy.

Happy Birthday Bob Cavin III

Happy Birthday, Bob!

Our favorite  beard guy  from Regular Show has birthday today!  

And he’s very awesome!

Bob, I hope you have an amazing day, filled with food, poker, drawings  and the stuff you rock! And thanks for make Regular Show the best cartoon on tv.

Don´t forget to follow him on you’ll surely have tons of fun!


Today at 2:10 pm EST the biggest full moon since 1983 will rise from the eastern horizon. The moon will appear large because it’s reaching its perigree, the closest approach to earth in its orbit. According to NASA, perigree moons are 14% bigger and 30% brighter than moons on the apogee side of the moon’s orbit, when it is farthest away from earth. What’s special about Saturday’s perigree moon is that it’s almost coinciding with a full moon, a relatively rare occurrence. Some refer to this coincidence as a supermoon.