had to get this off my mind...

(really don’t care who reads this.) this subject gets to me every time i think about it. stuff came up and happened tonight that got me to think.it gets on my nerves every time i see a girl, or hear about a girl, who are/were in fucked up relationships because of the guy. it takes them a long ass time to realize that and get out of the relationship. you know that there are better guys out there for you. they would treat you better than the guys you are/were with. but you still fall for the same type. girls think they can fix the guy and it will get better like what happens in fairy tales but we all know it’s not going to happen until he realizes what he is losing when you finally end it with him. it drives me crazy when you are the guy that you know would be perfect for her. you know you would make them smile when they are sad, listen to them when they need someone to talk to and make them happy no matter what it takes. even though the guy could be right in front of you, you still wouldn’t pay attention to him. he could try his hardest to get your attention and make you realize that he could be the one for you but she would not give him the time of day. it just gets annoying when that shit happens. another thing that gets to me, is when the same girl tries to come to you and talk about the relationship problem. it’s like “i don’t want to hear how stupid you are to really stay in the relationship when you know you should have left a long time ago.” i know it’s fucked up what he did to you but you got to move on. i already know the situation, i don’t want to hear about it again. i hear from girls that guys are confusing. well to me, you girls are as much confusing as us. there are some of us that know exactly what we want. you say that the guy is nice, sweet and everything you want a boyfriend to be but you don’t see him as that. he is put in the “friend zone” (another subject to talk about in a later post). you always want to find a girl for him even though he wants to be with you. it’s like “(enter girl’s name here), i don’t want to get with any of your friends. i want to get with you.” i always to let the girl know what’s up but i don’t know how they would react when i tell them. i don’t want to make things awkward and stuff but i think that is what i got to do to let the girl know how i feel. it could be just me that feel this way on this subject but it just gets to me. this post could be all over the place on the subject but i don’t care. i just wanted to get the stuff that was on my mind and let it out.