Hi, I kind of love so please go and follow him! I really want him to see this fansign! <3 <3 <3 He is soo nice to his followers, has awesome themes, and makes for a great dashboard! :)

how DARE you send Marco hate

what the fuck did he do to you?

NOTHING. you guys made him break down and cry in front of over 50 people.

HATERS: you’re not gonna get ANYWHERE in your life.

How is Marco being follower hungry? okay so he wants to earn some of his followers back.

follower hungry means self promoting on pictures, and self promoting in peoples ask boxes. He is doing none of that.

Hating on someone does not make you cool.  In fact, it makes people hate YOU.

Marco we love you, so dont listen to the haters alright? <3

guys please follow Marco again <3

bloatedhamster asked:

when you get this, you can publicly post something nice about at least 5 different people you follow, then copy and paste this in each of their ask boxes. check my blog to see what I said about you u//v//u

 (╯゜∇゜╰) Gosh man, like really, bloatedhamster you always make me happy, sending me the ask memes brightens my day so much and I love, love, love sending them to you and getting to know such a cool interesting person. 

First off we have the queen, the very best,servalphynx, whose just a wonderful caring person . A hella rad artist and friend that I’m glad to know, we messages each other all the time to see what the others up to, shes just stellar. Shes also a huge Lok nerd/fangirl and reblogs lovely photography like all the time.

Next we have a blog that I guess has some sentimental value to me,memor-somnis, their like one of the first blogs that I followed on tumblr. Miraculously they actually followed me back and that meant a lot to me when I was first starting out. I still to this day just really love their blog, like a lot.

Lastly we have the holy trinity marc0-buttyou-are-the-wurst ,and donny-beilschmidt their like my favorite blogs on tumblr. All these blogs just make my day, all very unique and different, but are all equal in the amount of awesome they all possess.Their extremely entertaining and enjoyable, I really look up to these great blogs, like dang.