Today I have paid the deposit and enrolled in my first full nail technology course!! I was going to wait until the end of the year, but decided to start early, so I can spend the summer holidays setting up and building a clientele ^^ I’m so excited to finally be able to turn one of my passions into a qualification, and home business!! I will finally be a fully qualified nail tech! :D ~ When I graduate and begin work, I will specialise in gel and Japanese nail art ^^


British-born, Italy-based sculptor Matthew Simmonds is an art-historian-turned-stone-carver who sculpts beautiful architectural interiors inside rough pieces of marble and stone. His pieces look like miniature classical monuments and temples, empty of people, but full of intricate details.

“To create a sculpture that catches the light and structure of a building and lets the eye wander, to feel that here my eye could live, here a part of me could stay, is a great achievement,“ writes Simmonds. “The sculptures give the viewer a different perspective on space. They look different from every viewpoint. You long to be in them, and they seem almost more meaningful for that.“

To view more of Matthew Simmonds’ intricate sculptures click here.

[via Colossal]

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