Au Karaté, le plus fort… C’est l’arbitre ! (petit [ouch] probablement).


angelicahouston replied to your post: DILMÃO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DILMA MARAV…

Tenho amigos meus brasileiros no Facebook a dizer que vão sair do país LOL

bando de coxinha reaaaaaaaaaçaaaaaaaa

os eleitores do aécio são toda a calasse média alta branca brasileira. 

eu não vi um negro votar no aécio. um indígena. um pobre. 

Sabe, não é sem dor que eu voto no PT. No primeiro turno meu voto foi da Luciana Genro com orgulho. Não acho o governo do PT ideal. Mas votar em aécio agora é retrocesso. Ele é o fantoche da classe média alta burguesa brasileira. Todo mundo reclama da saúde pública e da educação pública, mas nenhum deles teve que utilizar dela. A saúde publica e a educação publica estão muito melhores em muitas das areas mais pobres do pais que nem tinham acesso a esse tipo de coisa. 

Vi muita gente mandando indigena, negro, nordestino ou o povo lgbt todo se foder por votar na dilma, se matar, “tenho vergonha de vocês”“, “por vocês que o pais nunca sai dessa merda”… É ridiculo. Classe burguesa brasileira mostra sua cara nesses momentos.

Aécio é um corrupto mentiroso. Dilma não é santa. Mas Dilma é quase uma deusa perto do Aécio.


Not much to say as for this morning, laid low because of the drought and helped Jen and Suli do a bit of cleaning. The lovely Aussie lady rang to tell me she had been suffering a stomach virus and suggested I might go to a hostel for a few days. I knew nothing about the nearby hostels because I was somewhat under the impression that i didn’t need to book accommodation because they told me not to worry about it…Seqa na neqa! That is pronounced ‘sen-gah nah-leng-ah’ and means ‘no worries’… :)

Her husband came and gave me a lift to Maravou, it was all such short notice! Before I knew it I was out the door, a little Fiji cell phone in hand, and all my bags. I had no idea what I was doing, I hadn’t done much research because I thought I was going to be with these guys most of the time. I was a little jostled at first to be without a plan and an infected/burned foot but I made the best of it. 

The Aussie couple gave me a metal pot full of vegetables so I could use the communal kitchen. It unfortunately didn’t last very long because they forgot to bring the cover and it got infested with ants pretty quickly. 

Anywho, I moped around the hostel for a while and decided I would order a dinner. Their dinners turned out to be spectacular, a little on the expensive side but with the currency exchange favoring the US dollar I didn’t feel too bad about it. Delicious. Before I went down to eat, I took a shower (there was cold water, woohoo!) and tried to collect my thoughts. There was only one other person staying in the 6 person dorm that first night, a great Australian guy named Kane—in Taveuni for exploring and scuba diving as part as a vacation by himself, he came to the right place for sure. We chatted about yoga, something we had in common, and since he had been there already for a few days he told me about what he had been up to. Glad to be making connections! There are a lot of backpackers in this particular hostel so you really can meet the most amazing, lovely people from around the world.

I went down to dinner and ended up sitting with another Australian family, (mom, dad, 2 kids-girl and boy, mid twenties I would say), and then Kane joined as well for a while. Conversation always flows easily and we sat around chatting over dinner for a bit which I think was chicken that night—I was so hungry I ate it anyway! I feel less weird about eating meat at the hostel as well as in Fiji in general because you can be almost certain it is ‘local.’

After dinner, I sat and drank some grog for a while with a bunch of the hostel staff and Kane. It was only my second go with kava and I drank a little more than before, nothing too crazy though! A body heaviness was noted…that was about it. So much guitar playing and singing, it was lovely. 

I was feeling pretty tired so I went to bed early. Luckily most people around here seem to be early risers, so Kane and I didn’t disturb each other at night (early to bed, as well), or in the morning. He’s getting up early to go scuba diving, and who knows what I will do. I feel slightly helpless because I don’t know what my plans are, all of a sudden. We shall see. My burn is really not getting any better so I think I will rest tomorrow and try to keep my foot elevated. There is a sweet hammock calling my name! Tomorrow will be better, even if I don’t do much. I wonder if we will get any more characters in the hostel? It will be interesting to see what happens. The Australian couple mentioned having me go stay in a village and the husband mentioned it when he left me at the hostel, but I had no clue so I am just waiting for news! Adventures, adventures.

On revient...


Conscient qu’écrire dans les limbes d’internet confine à se satisfaire d’un éternel éphémère, c’est toujours sans nostalgie aucune que l’on se défait de nos us et coutumes d’alors pour en adopter de nouveaux. Surtout quand on se fait maraver le site par un geekos Hindou. Merci à lui, la nouvelle version du site promise depuis l’été va donc très prochainement être mise en production. D’ici là, via ce modeste Tumblr, on vous tiendra au courant de nos actualités les plus pressantes, telle la soirée Bleak Future le 7 novembre prochain co-organisée avec Odd Frequencies et réunissant à Petit Bain Unit Moebius, Helena Hauff, Hypnobeat et Clément Meyer (Event FB). On espère vous y voir nombreux.

Et comme on dit, stay tuned… 

Made a visit to Arnim’s Framing Solutions in Maraval today and was blown away by the numerous art supplies they had for sale. Fell in love with EVERYTHING. I didn’t even know they stocked oval and round stretched canvases. So you know I had to take a stretched 10x10 inch canvas, plus a small oval (5x7 inches) home. The latter will be used to do something for my daughter Leja, but she is yet to tell me what she wants on it, hahahaa! Small thing. Whatever it is, you’ll get to see it too. :-D


In her late 80s this #Elder from #Paramin #StillGotTheMoves _ #Energy #Chi #Spirit
#Maraval #Trinidad & #Tobago (at DeFreitas supermarket)

4th August, 2014


As per usual Carolyn and I prepped before our interview by practicing on each other in terms of answering the interview questions. We met with Raymond Ramcharitar; Trinidad Guardian Newspaper Columnist, Lecturer in Media Studies and a Media/Cultural Critic at his office on Maraval Road, St. Clair.

Pertaining to our research questions Mr. Ramcharitar, was very vocal. He stated that the people who are discussing race should not, because they aren’t educated/trained in the area to discuss it. Mr. Ramcharitar believes that the average man in the street especially Afro Trinidadians get their information about slavery and racism from the U.S.A. (United States of America) and the network B.E.T. (Black Entertainment Television) but further explains that slavery in America is and was different from slavery in the Caribbean - mainly Trinidad and Tobago. Because of this you will hear generalizations from either Afro Trinidadians and/or Indo Trinidadians about each other.

Regarding talk show hosts, Mr. Ramcharitar believes that they rant about race and not actually have healthy discussions about such a sensitive topic. I believe that Mr. Ramcharitar was very colourful in how he got his points across but did make relevant points to our study, and was able to answer our research questions