The Honolulu Marathon is this coming weekend. I am trying to load up on some good stuff in preparation. In the afternoons I have been having this as a snack. Its easy to make , tastes good, and is loaded with running energy. 

Crock pot Purple Potatoes with balsamic dressing 

I slow cook the purple potatoes with coconut butter then keep them in the fridge for later. They taste great with a balsamic dressing. My favorite is from Kahuku Farms. Its a balsamic dressing made with lilikoi from their farm and its amazing! 

Green Drink

½ large cucumber peeled ½ inch sliced ginger peeled ¼ cup pine nuts  1 frozen apple banana 2 handful frozen mango  1 handful spinach ½ lemon juiced ½ orange juiced 1 tbsp chia seeds 1 tbsp Spirulina  Some Dark Chocolate  (best part) 10 to 12 mint leaves I got most ingredients at the Costco in Honolulu. Add some water to the smoothie if its to thick. Enjoy!