It’s been a good day

So, I’m officially in for the New York City Marathon.

Thankfully, I was able to get a spot, even though I was originally shut out on lottery day.

So it’s time to start making some notes in my training journal and start sketching out a plan.

I’m pacing a friend and coworker at Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota on June 20 (she needs to be under 3:50). But that won’t be an all-out race.

So that means I will end up with a full five-month plan and build up for NYC. I’m excited to see what I can do when I pour that much time into a single race instead of racing every three weeks and hoping everything comes together.

I think back to where I was at the start of 2014, and that strategy made sense and worked. I raced often and stair-stepped my times down. 

But now, racing that often has more potential to end in injury. And I don’t think I can achieve my long-term goals without a refocus and shift in training mentality and methods.

I’m excited. Bring on NYC 2015.

elite spam


Took a second day off in a row yesterday, Saturday’s half marathon race having done a number on the legs, only a week to recover before another race this weekend, this 48 year old body requires more time for repairs and tune-up than it used to.

Feeling good enough for a workout, did a set of intervals on the trails in the park:  

6 x 600 meters (approx.) w/ a jog rest back to the start.  Splits were 2:05, 2:00, 1:57, 1:53, 1:51, 1:54.  Heart was beating pretty good on this summer like sunny 70+ day.  2 mile warm up, 6 mile cool down, 11 miles altogether.

Got confirmation that I’ll be getting ‘elite’ (masters) status at the Buffalo Half Marathon at the end of May. It’s nice that it’ll be in my hometown race.  Was offered hotel accommodations, but I declined in favor of sleeping in my own bed. The free entry will be nice.  My initial status was 'spam’, though, as my early correspondence with the race administrator had mistakenly been placed in his spam file.