Another Hot One Today

Ok, so it wasn’t in the 90′s like it was yesterday but it definitely felt like it. I’m definitely going to have to get out a lot earlier tomorrow. 

I took it kind of easy today because tomorrow is going to be my first 20 miler in a while. 

I took a water and bathroom break after the first four.

There was a pretty good breeze out which helped with the heat, especially on the second half of the run.  I’m really getting comfortable at running in the low 7′s as an easy pace. I’m definitely feeling more and more ready for Boston each day. 

40km on Saturday morning… Where did that burst of energy come from?!? 🚴🚴🚴

I’m now going to spend the rest of the day eating anything and everything!! 🍔🍟🍕 I’m starving after that!

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a good day


The sun brightened the day, but it was very cold again, in the mid 20’s and windy. If it weren’t for the sun, this cold would be really getting old.

The run itself was good, 12 miles again in the park among many runners who braved the weather.  The legs, especially the left quad, are starting to feel it from the steady distance of the past week, but the strides still have some bounce to them, so we’ll stay on this track.

Hung out with my teenage son today, so didn’t have time to run with the Saturday run group. But that’s fine, getting some time with a busy teenager is always a good thing.  It was a great day.

Now let’s all have a great Saturday evening.

16 miles; better this week

I meant to do my long run tomorrow because the weather is supposed to be better (if you can really call sunny and 30s much better), but I was inspired by someone else running outside today, and I have dinner plans tonight, so I thought what the heck I’ll just get it over with and then I can relax tonight. 

This run was definitely better than last week, although at the end the thought of not running anymore still seemed like the best idea I’d ever had. I’ve been aiming for a 9:12 long run pace based on the Hanson’s Marathon Method pacing chart I’m following. Each week my pace seems to be getting a little bit quicker though. Even last weeks run from hell was a little too fast. Today I thought about slowing down but I didn’t want to be out any longer than I had to be.

A big reason the last mile and a half was so horrible was because I was running right into that beastly wind again. I really hope the marathon isn’t too windy because I have such negative associations with it now. I found the hills a little tough in the beginning but I tired to use them as a good excuse to lock into the slower pace.

As I was reviewing my run on Garmin Connect I noticed something pretty cool. At one point I ran exactly to the town line and turned around at the town line. I didn’t even realize it. 

Here is a closer view:

Last night was supposed to be a 5 mile easy run but I ended up taking it off. I’ve been pretty good about sticking to the plan so it was a tough decision. Hanson’s plan exhausts you and I was exhausted. I also had two evening events for work this week. I knew that the rest would serve me better than the haggard 5 miles. I realized today that I made the right choice. This week I put a total of 49.5 miles in.

I hope those of you training right now (especially everyone gearing up for Boston!) are doing whatever you need to do to feel good and enjoying at least some of your runs. 

I mostly kept my phone tucked away on my run today, but I did stop to snap one picture I just couldn’t resist. I spotted clam diggers out on the mud flats, with the City in the background (you can really get the feeling for how gray it is here right now, too). These types of scenes are part of what makes living here so visceral. 

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