For the past month I have been mildly obsessing over my plan for NYCM. So many logistics- flights, hotels, subways, ferries, packing, race outfit, pacing, fueling, checking the weather forecast a billion times…exhausting!

I think I have more or less come up with a plan I feel comfortable with though.  There are still a few details that I need to iron out, but a lot of that will be dependent on race day weather and it’s still too far out to know anything for certain.  


Liz and I have the same corral and start time.  Ideally we will be able to track each other down and run at least part of the race together.  I think Liz’s MGP is probably a little more aggressive than mine, but I know the value of having a buddy during a long race like this.  When I ran St. Jude in 2012 I spent the first half of the race pacing two of my coworkers.  It made the miles go by so easily!  

In the event that doesn’t work out, I plan on being very conservative during the first two miles (keeping it over a 9 minute pace) and then dropping to a 8:40/8:45 after that.  My main goal is to finish under four hours, but I would also settle for a PR.  When I think back to my best training runs, they were around this pace, so it’s a plan I feel comfortable with.

The plan is to choke down Gu at mile 5, 10, 15, 19, and 23.  I know from past experience I probably won’t be willing to eat a Gu by mile 23, so I may pack an alternative treat to look forward to.


Brooks Ghosts (most important thing and definitely going in a carry on bag!)

Balega socks

Armsleeves and compression sleeves

Lulu leggings and shorts (will choose on race day)

Throw away clothes:  hat, gloves, sweatshirt, blanket

KT tape just in case

Garmin + charger 

iPod + headphones + charger (I struggle with whether or not to run with my iPod, but decided to bring in because I know somewhere around the halfway mark I may need to zone out a little bit)

5 Gus + nuun and snacks

Amphipod (bringing this because it’s so good for storing Gu in)

Singlet and long sleeved shirt

Body Glide

Sports bra 

Saucony undies


Hand warmers to keep warm

Garbage bag to sit on in the corral

Tylenol PM (for the nights before), Advil, and Immodium (taking no chances)

Duct tape, scissors, and a sharpie to mark my name on my singlet

After much debate, I’m not running with my phone.  I know I would love to take pictures at the start, to text Eric and my family at the start and finish, and maybe even snag a couple mid-race pictures, but I’ve decided against it.  I’ve never carried my phone during a race and hardly ever during training runs, so it’s not the norm for me.  Plus, I like to use the phone pocket on my Amphipod for Gu and stuff.  Our hotel is about two blocks from where I will be allowed to exit Central Park, so I’m not worried about getting lost or meeting up with people.  Most importantly, I’ve worked hard for this day.  I want to enjoy it.  I don’t think I’ll need a million pictures to remind me of this race!  :)

If you’ve run Chicago, NY, Boston, or any of the other big races with crazy race logistics, do you have any advice or suggestions?


The last week or so has been crazy.  Here are the highlights:

  • Went to St. Louis for a long weekend.  Attended a funeral for my nephew’s mother-in-law who died very unexpectedly.  Tragic.
  • Ran three miles on Grant’s Trail alongside Grant’s Farm where the Budweiser Clydesdales call home.  Perfect weather.
  • Got to meet Charlie, my newest great nephew.  He’s so awesome.
  • My dad and his identical twin celebrated their 83rd birthday.  They’re both still pretty witty and unstoppable.
  • Won a very competitive game of Trivial Pursuit.
  • Spent excellent quality time with family.
  • Celebrated my great niece Poppy’s 3rd birthday.
  • Drove home in record time (5.25 hours).
  • Got a bunch of firewood today.  I can’t wait to crank up the fireplace.
  • Ran three miles after work on the treadmill.

I’m loving this fall weather.  I hope it stays this way for my long run on Saturday.  Happy Wednesday!

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