Another Hot One Today

Ok, so it wasn’t in the 90′s like it was yesterday but it definitely felt like it. I’m definitely going to have to get out a lot earlier tomorrow. 

I took it kind of easy today because tomorrow is going to be my first 20 miler in a while. 

I took a water and bathroom break after the first four.

There was a pretty good breeze out which helped with the heat, especially on the second half of the run.  I’m really getting comfortable at running in the low 7′s as an easy pace. I’m definitely feeling more and more ready for Boston each day. 

A half-marathon test run at marathon pace, some real life stuff and my longest run for this training cycle (34 km in the bag!) later, I’m very grateful that life will turn back to something akin to normalcy now.

Looking back at my training so far, I’m honestly astonished how well training went this time compared to training for Berlin in 2013. It seems that everything I had decided to change this time played out - be it a clearer and easier-to-stick-to running schedule especially on working days (a big mistake the last time!), improvements with respect to fluid and food intake during my runs or more thorough crosstraining … At least from a training point of view there is nothing I would choose to do differently the next time around. We will have to wait and see what happens on race day (4 weeks to go!) but I’m confident that I have done everything in my control to make sure that I will stand in my starting corral as well prepared as I can be.

My long run yesterday also brought me to a total of roughly over 4500 km spent in running shoes since February 2011 - that’s more than 1000 km per year! I would have never thought that I would come so far when I laced up my shoes for my first 3K run 4 years ago …

The next two weekends will see shorter long runs between 20 and 25 km and then it’s officially time for tapering! And I’m thankful for the wise decision to take a day off tomorrow - my body is already looking forward to spend some time in the sauna and an extended round of stretching.

a good day


The sun brightened the day, but it was very cold again, in the mid 20’s and windy. If it weren’t for the sun, this cold would be really getting old.

The run itself was good, 12 miles again in the park among many runners who braved the weather.  The legs, especially the left quad, are starting to feel it from the steady distance of the past week, but the strides still have some bounce to them, so we’ll stay on this track.

Hung out with my teenage son today, so didn’t have time to run with the Saturday run group. But that’s fine, getting some time with a busy teenager is always a good thing.  It was a great day.

Now let’s all have a great Saturday evening.

Notes from my first marathon training season, 2011

Hard to believe it was 3.5 years ago. My highest mileage week during that season was 43.5 miles. I noticed that for this training season there are weeks where I’m running 20 more miles or more per week this time around than for that marathon.

These old notes are a good reminder of how uncomfortable certain runs can be and that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself when I have a frustrating run.

a 2 for 1 deal


A tough one.  This morning’s 10 miles felt like 20, after going into work for a couple of hours this morning and doing some heavy lifting, and after a week of steady double digit days, nearing the mid 80’s for this week’s mileage.  Sometimes you don’t have to do a long run to feel the effects of a long run, the sore quads and heavy arms, it was like a 2 for 1 deal this morning.

Will have the rest of the day to walk it off and spend the 2nd day of this weekend with my son.  We may have to get some protein in the form of a giant burger while watching basketball.

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