Hometown Tempo

13.22 miles total tonight, with 10 at tempo pace (goal 7:38/mile). My first time running in my hometown since the summer, and the first time since high school I’ve covered this much ground for a run. I felt kind of goofy as I circled around parts of the town four times at certain points - there’s just not a lot of ground to cover!




Merry Christmas!

Having a wonderful day here, got in a merry 8 mile Christmas Day run in the park, in the company of running carolers.  Happy Festivus for the rest, got the Seinfeld Box set under the tree! 

Hope you’re having a joyous day!

I have not consistently posted on this blog since September.

And yet there are still SO MANY of you sticking around just waiting on me to get back to it!

Really, I can’t express how grateful I am for that. Tumblr has always been such a source of love and support for me and I’m glad that no matter hor long the hiatus I have never returned here to be disappointed. 

As you all can probably guess, this last semester ate my soul alive. I think I’ve conveyed that much to you all at least, mixed in with the random photos with two sentence commentary max that I’ve been swinging by to leave you with. Nine hours of class isn’t much, but paired with a full time and part time job it has been all consuming. 

Thankfully its done. And it’s Christmas. And I get to breathe. And post to you all. And hang out for a minute. At least until next semester starts. 

So with no further time wasting— here we go. 

I know I’ve promised “long posts filled with updates” about all the time that I’ve been gone, and they have never happened. Well. Buckle in, because they are finally about to hit. 

I am afraid it may not be perfectly grammatically correct, or even that interesting. But the next posts will bring you all up on the top few things that have happened to me in the last three/four months. 

Hopefully with this I can finally, actually get back to you all. Fingers crossed and here is hoping!


So today I convinced my friend to run a marathon with me in May!! I’m still working on trying to get Uma to run it with me…I’ve been planting the seeds in her mind for a while, but now that there’s a concrete date it’s really go time! I would love to run it with her…she’s the original running buddy! First 5K, first half…running my first marathon with her would be amazing. But, it’s also her last semester of school so I could understand her not wanting to train for a marathon while also writing an honors thesis.

But, having a set date means I need a training plan! I’ve heard about a lot of people using the Hanson’s Marathon Method, and I was thinking of buying the book. Good idea? Has anybody used this and loved it? Any tips? Any other training plans you guys would recommend? Nike had it’s own training plan for the half so that was easy, but this requires some more research, and training starts soon, so I’d really, really, really appreciate any feedback/help/info from you guys!

I’m really excited about this! I know there will be many days when I will question my sanity and wonder why the hell I thought this was a good idea, but I keep thinking about the sense of accomplishment I felt after finishing the half, and I know it’ll be even greater than that. Plus, my amazing friends said they would spectate and it would be awesome to have them all there.

2015, I’m so ready for all your adventures!

No. 70 - Let’s Play All Day

Did you know December 17th is Mega Man’s anniversary? Well it is!

To celebrate, some diehard fans are planning to put on some fun Mega Man game streams. If you have the time, be sure to hop in and chat with other fellow Mega Man fans!

Mega Man 27th Anniversary Race: 12pm PST on 12/17/2014

Backseat Gamer! Mega Man Stream: 9am PST on 12/20/2014 (Follow @daheatman2 on Twitter for updates)

100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3’s 100-Question Quiz Stream: 3pm PST on 12/21/2014

-Press Start

FRiNGE BINGE IV starts in less than a week!!  It’s the annual worldwide Fringe rewatch marathon, where fans from all over the globe will be watching the same episodes at the same time in a year-end orgy of Fringie togetherness!  This year’s marathon starts on Friday the 26th at 10 AM Eastern time (check the schedule for your time zone) and covers all 100 episodes!

As in past years, there will be cool giveaways, including this very hard to find Fringe folding photo cube!  This one contains 3 exclusive art works by Fringe Comix.  We’ll also be giving away a couple of Fringe soundtracks during the weekend!  To find out how to participate in giveaways during the Binge, check out our expanded FAQ (scroll to the bottom for giveaway info).

Don’t forget to follow @fringebinge2014 on Twitter during the Binge and follow the #fringebinge Twitter hashtag!  See you next Friday!!