SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! Catch up on the whole season with a STEVEN UNIVERSE MARATHON! 3 solid hours of your favorite little Gem dude! Can you name all the episodes represented in this poster?

Starting at 1pm on Cartoon Network!

7am: spin class done, coffee acquired, Friday morning is a success.

I didn’t feel well earlier in the week, so Tuesday and Wednesday workouts were skipped and I’m making up for it in the back half of the week.

Ran 3 miles last night (with negative splits) and spotted the Roo multiple times. The Roo is a new shuttle in town that “hops” to various bars. The best part? It has a massive kangaroo on top holding a martini glass. Normally, I’m partial to bar hopping on my bike, but now I’m pretty excited to take a ride on the Roo. :)

Happy Friday!

can't do much about the weather


5 easy miles around the parkway, mostly on grass, just to stay loose and focused for Sunday’s Half.  Another cool day, it’s supposed to warm up a bit over the weekend.  Driving there tomorrow and staying over.

It looks increasingly like rain for race day, ‘scattered thunderstorms,’ 50-60% chance (never sure what these % means).  Doesn’t sound good, but I don’t know the Rochester area well, so not sure which areas will be hit the most.  Much of the Half will be in and near the city, so let’s hope the rain stays mostly in the ‘burbs.  Can’t do much about the weather, so will focus on the race.  My cross/distance racing shoes, in which I can go sockless, should help a lot. 

At least my son and his team will finally have decent weather for their race at an invitational on Saturday in Grand Island, NY.  We’ll be pulling for each other.