Well all added up so far this year….because there’s still a few days left…. I’ve run 4165.5km. In that I’ve managed a half marathon, 2 full marathons, 3 ultra marathons and a Routeburn classic (32km mountain run over the southern alps here in NZ) I’ve managed to stay pretty much injury free and had a blast doing all of it. In 1 of the photos you’ll see a pile of rocks. I collect a rock every time I run over 42.2km in training, there’s 14rocks this year, compared to 7 last year. The little fella in 1of the photos (Sam also joined the team this year, so it looks like Mackenzie is going to have to make room in the finish line photos.
All in all a pretty big year. I hope all you runners out achieve your running goals in the coming year. Remember a good goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot. All the best.

keepin' on


Another smooth 8 miler in the park, on another balmy sunny day in the 50’s.  That must be a streak of 3 days of great running.  It ends tomorrow - as far as the weather goes - as a cold front moves in for who knows how long.  But I’m in a rhythm these days of fun runs and would like to keep it going.  Still haven’t done a hard workout in a couple of weeks - this is the off-season after all - and I think that’s adding to this feeling of consistency, like being in the zone in a long race.  Don’t want to break that up right now with any ‘surges’ or ‘moves.’  Let’s just keep this thing going and enjoy it.



This spring I will be running the Boston Marathon to raise $5,000 for Girl Scouts, an organization near and dear to my heart.

I was a GS for way longer than it was cool to be and learned so many super valuable things, like how to balance a checkbook and how to use a condom. Real pivotal stuff at my troop meetings.

I want every little girl to learn the things I did and hope you do too.

You can visit this link to donate.


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Anyone who donates/shares this post will get a PROMO. (This is a big deal. I have 12 and a half followers.) But mostly my eternal love and a handwritten note of thanks. :) AND the feeling of a good deed without having to run 26.2 miles on 4/20. I’ll do that part! 


No. 70 - Let’s Play All Day

Did you know December 17th is Mega Man’s anniversary? Well it is!

To celebrate, some diehard fans are planning to put on some fun Mega Man game streams. If you have the time, be sure to hop in and chat with other fellow Mega Man fans!

Mega Man 27th Anniversary Race: 12pm PST on 12/17/2014

Backseat Gamer! Mega Man Stream: 9am PST on 12/20/2014 (Follow @daheatman2 on Twitter for updates)

100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3’s 100-Question Quiz Stream: 3pm PST on 12/21/2014

-Press Start

FRiNGE BINGE IV starts in less than a week!!  It’s the annual worldwide Fringe rewatch marathon, where fans from all over the globe will be watching the same episodes at the same time in a year-end orgy of Fringie togetherness!  This year’s marathon starts on Friday the 26th at 10 AM Eastern time (check the schedule for your time zone) and covers all 100 episodes!

As in past years, there will be cool giveaways, including this very hard to find Fringe folding photo cube!  This one contains 3 exclusive art works by Fringe Comix.  We’ll also be giving away a couple of Fringe soundtracks during the weekend!  To find out how to participate in giveaways during the Binge, check out our expanded FAQ (scroll to the bottom for giveaway info).

Don’t forget to follow @fringebinge2014 on Twitter during the Binge and follow the #fringebinge Twitter hashtag!  See you next Friday!!