Keep Calm and Taper On

Two again today. The first with my daughter and then 30 minutes on my own. 

Princess and I increased our run length by one minute from Tuesdays run. And yet, her pace was faster today than it was then. She impresses me so much on how natural a runner she is. 

After a short break to let wifey go on her run, I headed out for my own run. Today called for 30 minutes. I was feeling really good today. My legs felt rested and I wanted to get a nice strong but easy run in before Sunday. I decided that I would just focus on maintaining a consistent speed near a 7:30/mi average. 

So. Close. 

Only one more run until race day and that’s just a shake out. It’s almost time for a new half marathon PR. 

Yearly Mileage Goal: 324/2015

Recovery weeks are boring

Marathon last Sunday means a token effort to go light.  I took Monday and Tuesday off completely, then ran 4 on Wednesday and 6 on Thursday.  I’m taking today off and then planning 10ish tomorrow and Sunday.  I may try to cram in a 20 late next week before I need to taper a few days for Asheville. 

I cracked open my shiny new pair of Brooks Defyance shoes.  They’re marketed as Adrenalines, but neutral.  I’ve been wearing Adrenalines since 2010 and I no longer pronate, so I bit.  They seem okay so far.  Got a little uncomfortable in the toe box towards the end of 6.  But all of my Adrenalines from that generation seemed to do the same thing before I broke them in.

My arm band that I bought for my phone is retarded.  I don’t know what the deal is.  Maybe it’s my Moto X and the fact that it’s always semi-awake for voice commands and can be unlocked by swiping without actually turning on the screen.  But it pretty much spazzes the entire time it’s in my arm band.  So that was a failed experiment.

Work has been killing me this week.

balancing act


Had to limit today’s run to 3 1/2 miles, was not feeling it, felt the onset of an illness and going further would have tipped the scales over. Will augment it with some sleep ‘workout.’ I think the return from vacation and the increased workload of this week caught up - you know the saying, ‘you need a vacation coming back from a vacation.’ Anticipating long run(s) sometime this weekend, so cutting my losses today will set me up better for those runs. Listening to your body, monitoring it…it’s a constant balancing act…

Working and Training

In 2014, I coached over 200 people running every distance from 5K to marathon. For 8 of the 32 weeks, I was coaching two groups simultaneously at two different locations and it was wearing me out as I was also Ironman training. Having November and December off from coaching was a nice break, but now I’m ready to get back to it.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been getting everything ready for my marathon and half marathon group. On Thursday, I spoke at Wells Fargo here in Minneapolis as they have a large corporate running group. They asked me to make a presentation about run and triathlon training. Here I am making a very exciting point:

Yesterday we had our big kick-off at our running store affiliate. We’ll have 70+ people in our group training for 2 different marathons and 2 different half marathons, with paces ranging from run-walking to BQ efforts. It’s going to be busy but a lot of fun!

I can’t share a lot of pictures due to privacy, but here is a picture of me and my friend and boss Deb talking to the group:

And here is such a crappy picture of the group that you can’t make out anyone’s faces anyway:

On the training front, I kept up with my 2,015 miles in 2015 challenge with 180 miles in January. I’m not sure that I will hit February as I will be biking more, but I hope to be close and catch up later in the year when I’m training for the Goofy Challenge.

Spring is here yet but I’m glad spring training is!

Suited and booted today for an interview. The interview sucked but at least I looked good as I stuttered through the questions…. Oh and my flys were undone and yes they noticed.

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Here’s the OFFICIAL English licensing trailer in HD for LoliRock. Thank you guys for loving this show so much!