Some butterfly
Marari Beach Resort
Kerala, India
17 September 2010

The problem with travel photos is that there are just way too many of them.
Take my Kerala photos for example. Even 10 months later I’m finding long forgotten photographs that are brilliant but never got looked at twice. Some really bad ones got looked at quite often, but that’s just my photo organisation for you.

Btw, when it comes to photos of butterflies, this is as awesome as it gets.

Also, I edit a lot. And I have a bit of a Lightroom addiction right now.

Thought via Path

A few minutes ago I woke up just as Marari, my orange tabby, threw up on me. Yes, you read that right. Literally on me. Almost fed me like a momma bird feeds her chicks. [SHUDDER] Dramamine for me to try to keep from doing the same, a quick shower and now I am back to bed sans cat.

Oh well. At least none of it ended up on the bed.

I seem to remember telling someone once that cats were a good way to practice for having kids someday.

Not what I had in mind, God, and You know it! – Read on Path.

Marari Beach Resort, Kerala
17 September 2010
Sony DSC-W35

There’s this Lightroom Preset I downloaded from somewhere called Postcard. It looks really cool on some photos. Like this beach one. I tweaked it a bot and added some grain just for fun. Lightroom is so cool.

Marari Beach - South India

The beaches of South India are known for its sandy wide stretch and Kerala is having one of the longest coastline in South India.Marari Beach is a quite pristine Beach unexplored by many tourists.This virgin beach is located close to the Venice of the East,Alleppey,a two hour drive from Cochin International Airport.The fishermen village near to Marari Beach is an experience of its own.


Marari originates from “Mararikulam”, one of the local fishing villages, which is full of life and cheer.Its not at all reached to many tourists and the exclusive resorts offer unique experiences and the village people and their lifestyle are also worth witnessing.An evening visit to the local temple to see the socialisation as it’s a place of worship as well as the meeting place for the local villagers.


Marari Beach is an endless vista of sand and surf, but it is more. An authentic experience of the world of Kerala’s traditional fishing villages, and a recreation of an ancient, harmonious way of life. The village of Mararikulam lies on a forgotten shore, midway up the Malabar coast, where the Indian Ocean finally decides that it has now become the Arabian Sea.


Marari Beach is considered to be the most private and serene beach on the shoreline of Kerala.The friendly villages around and the rich life make things more vibrant for a traveler. Marari Beach is always a favorite destination for travelers who like to be on leisure and just doing nothing becomes a habit here. One can walk around the villages, join the fishermen in their fishing habitats.. Its all interesting and full of life. Excellent options for Ayurveda also makes this destination favorite of many. The  exclusive  sea food cuisine also tempts one to be back especially when it means fresh everyday.


Marari Beach is just 2 hours drive from Cochin International Airport which is well connected globally. To know more about the itineraries related to Marari Beach and related attractions, please log on to

Keralavoyages (India) Pvt Ltd is a South Indian DMC with a special focus on custom made tours on South India.

Sunday, Ordinary 22, Proper 17, Aug 31

Sunday, Ordinary 22, Proper 17, Aug 31

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