For Sale: The House haunted by Ghosts that Google Street View Captured on Camera

You’ve probably clicked on this because you either believe in ghosts or you want to. Any skeptics reading however, can enjoy this post for the simple reason that there’s a stunning 1880s Queen Anne home currently on the market for an astonishingly low asking price of $105,000.

But I don’t suppose this absurdly good deal could have anything to do with the fact that it’s almost certainly haunted, could it?

Soon after the listing in Camden, NY went up on the historic home enthusiasts’ website, Old House Dreams, it came to the attention of some curious and observant internetters, that Google had captured this very house with its Street View cameras, revealing that the empty Queen Anne which has been on the market since 2010, might not be so empty after all…

Let’s just take a closer look at those windows.

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BiGBANG Mad Max AU! The other picture I made for it is here. There will be more soon, but for now, character introductions! Click their names for information on the individual character. :)

( Left to right ) Seungri is “Brother|| Taeyang is “Titan|| G-Dragon is “Elvis|| T.O.P is “Spooks|| Daesung is “Maps||

Today’s project - flattening and repairing a map using the suction platen. The suction helps keep the map flat, while also speeding up the drying time of wet treatments. It’s a huge help when repairing materials that are sensitive to water (like this map, which has been colored with water colors).

On the right, you can see a pile of tape that was removed from the back of the map yesterday.

I will show off the front when I am finished.