I decided to get this tattoo last week. It, in case you didn’t know, is the pulsar map that was on Pioneer 10/11 as well as on the Voyager golden record. The lines and dashes represent binary code which spell out the frequency and period of the radio wave emissions (which is unique to each pulsar), and the longer line represents the distance from our star to the center of the Milky Way. Supposedly, if an alien civilization were to find the record they could find our solar system based on the 14 pulsars that have been mapped out. A tribute to Carl…and I suppose it will come in handy when finding my way back home.

From Wikipedia Picture Of The Day; September 20, 2014:

The Cantino planisphere is the earliest surviving map showing Portuguese geographic discoveries in the east and west. Named after Alberto Cantino, who smuggled it from Portugal to Italy in 1502, the map includes a fragmentary record of the Brazilian coast as well as detailed depictions of African coasts. The map is also the earliest extant nautical chart where places (in Africa and parts of Brazil and India) are depicted according to their astronomically observed latitudes. It is now held at the Biblioteca Estense in Modena, Italy.

Map: anonymous Portuguese cartographer