Zombie Safe Zone Maps Design Different

“The zombie apocalypse has finally happened and you need to leave your city fast! As panic sets in you quickly remember that to survive a zombie apocalypse you need to find a safe zone, somewhere where there’s a natural abundance of water, fish and forestry. Somewhere far away in an isolated area. You decide to Google map a location to search for a safe zone but WAIT, all systems are down. How do you find your safe zone!

Have no fear. These zombie safe zone maps are here to help. These state maps highlight the most popular cities that are prone to outbreak. With these maps you will be able to safely escape the apocalypse with exact routes to your safe zone. 

Each map highlights a from and to point explaining directions, distance, time, and additional information about the safe zone like water type and food resources. Own one or own them all to be extra prepared. ”


By Sean Roberts, Villa I Tatti

On this day in 1440 the Florentine humanist Francesco Berlinghieri was born.  Like generations of Berlinghieri men, he enjoyed modest success in his native city’s political establishment. Francesco is remembered today, however, primarily for the poetic undertaking that occupied more than two decades of his life, the Septe giornate della geographia or Seven Days of Geography. Deeply impressed by Florence’s literary heritage and the fashionable revival of classical texts, Francesco fused the language of Dante with the ancient mathematical geography of Claudius Ptolemy. Berlinghieri’s description of the known world in Tuscan verse was produced both in lavish manuscripts and in a printed edition of 1482. The massive maps that accompanied both printed and illuminated examples of the book represented the most significant cartographic project and the most elaborate series of prints produced in fifteenth-century Florence. Berlinghieri’s image of the earth set the tone for generations of Florentine cosmographers and shaped the visual culture of Renaissance geography on the Italian peninsula and beyond.

Incipit of Book One (detail), paint on vellum, from Francesco Berlinghieri, Septe giornate della geographia (Florence, 1482), Milan, Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense.

World Map, copperplate engraving, from Berlinghieri, Septe giornate della geographia (Florence, 1482), Milan, Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense

World Map, paint on vellum, from Berlinghieri, Septe giornate della geographia (Florence, 1482), Milan, Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense. 


Hi guys,

For those who don’t know me, my name is Ryan Montoya. I am a comic book artist and family medicine physician who grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, where I also completed my medical training.

Last month I moved to Bosnia to live with my wife and continue my medical work, including medical teaching, and comic book drawing. I wanted to document some of my experiences living and working here on this staff tumblr account, along with my forthcoming website.

So, here’s my first entry.

I live in Bosnia, but what does that mean? All the countries on this map make up what used to be Yugoslavia (literally, “South Slav”), before the war in 1992. My country is Bosna i Hercegowina, or Bosnia and Herzegovina, depending on how you prefer to bastardize the latin spelling of the country. The country is split into two major entities. I live in the entity of Republika Srpska, in the capital city of Banja Luka (pr. BAHN-yah LOO-kah). Sarajevo, the capital of the entire country, is in the other entity of the country, affectionately truncated to “The Federation.”

I anticipate much of the art for this blog to be produced with the Paper app and Pencil by @fiftythreenyc. Stay tuned to this space for more entries. Or don’t stay tuned. I don’t care. I don’t need your approval, and I don’t need you. Okay, okay, I can’t stay mad at you. I’m desperate for your approval. Please stay tuned.


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maps from kâtip celebi’s spectacular atlas the mirror of the world, the most important ottoman work of geography after the piri reis maps. 

1. map of iran

2. the caucasus

3. the heavenly bodies according to the ptolomaic model, drawn by ibrahim müteferrika himself, publisher of the mirror of the world. see this post on müteferrika and his printing press.

4. the peninsula and iraq.

5. europe

6. africa

7. asia

8. america

9. the mediterranean and black sea

10. japan

see the rest of the atlas here.