You know what, I realized something in episode 9.

Maou didn’t become Demon Lord Satan out of sheer strength and talent.

He worked his ass off for that title.

He has really good leadership skills, but he’s also smart and innovative with big goals while being unafraid to get his hands dirty.

If he’s given a task, and if its a step toward his goals, he’ll put all his effort into it and do anything he can to achieve success.

He plans big and works really hard.

I s2g right after I post my “finalized lineup” something changes. My FINAL lineup for ACen 2k15!! I’ll be arriving Friday in Jasper, and Claire and I have a Jasper/Lapis shoot at 4 with RRhymes Photography. After that I’ll be changing into Princess Bubblegum for a shoot at 7:30 with Bon Bon Photography. Saturday morning I’ll be up bright and early to get into Soraka for the League shoot at 12, then I have back to back shoots at 2 and 3 with RRhymes again and justlikeswitchblades. After that (and a nap hopefully) I’ll be changing into fem!Equius with my adorable Kohai as Nepeta. Sunday I’ll be (exhausted) Chiho Sasaki with Alex as Sadou Maou. This is gonna be a busy con for me. Let’s see if I can squeeze in anymore shoots lol