She took them! The bitch that is Miss Stevens took my fucking cigarettes before I’d even gotten through the door. She gave me a look and held her hand out like she fucking knew I’d just gotten a new pack. It’s ridiculous. Does she realise how much effort is needed for a sixteen year old to buy cigarettes these days? Unless you have some you’re about to give to me, don’t even breathe the same air as me cause I might just kill you. I’m really that mad.

Delicate Steve & Zach Hill - Create "Many Moods" For Japan

Steve Marion aka Delicate Steve and Zach Hill have collaborated and created the song Many Moods

** All Proceeds go to The Japan Chernobyl Foundation (JCF). ** 
We’re very happy to get the chance to help the JCF with this song. We set it up as a ‘pay what you will’ download, with all proceeds going to the Japan Chernobyl Foundation. Any donation would mean a lot to the organization who are currently very active in the earthquake and nuclear accident relief effort. You can read more about it here: The track is also available as a free download. Thanks for listening~~~ 

“Hi I’m propaganda
do you like the sound of
a modern day enchanter or a military commander?
Fire over water, fire over water
yin and yang learned to join in and it made them stronger
Knee deep in the mud
Pressure boil, simmer blood
Trust in a just love, trust in a just love
Livid on a new front-
line up for this parade
Line up with a fresh grenade
Take a swing at the pinball game of bouncing back from whence you came
Stand up, or get left behind
Give way to the new daily grind
Give way to the people taking the floor, to the people taking the floor
Ride on a lover’s wave
For all sisters and brothers brave
for all rallying ‘gainst the state
hyped heart rate, now concentrate ah

When I die, bury me in the ground
become the earth, and everything around
My body won’t make no sound
Until then, meet me at the forefront
Fired up, full of a furious sentiment
My heart will not let things go