#SPN 10 countdown challenge  |  day 1 - episode 1, season 1
What the hell are you doing here?


SnK AMV/Motion Comic:

Characters: Shiganshina Trio (Eren, Armin, Mikasa)

Song: Hey Brother—Avicii

Watch in HD! (I promise, you won’t regret it!)

For my Digital Compositing final, I got to make a motion comic and I made mine with the Attack on Titan manga/anime. Made in After Effects.

The Human Adventure

A feel good mix for Gene Roddenberry’s vision of the future.

Love Saves the Day // The Orion Experience
Somewhere in the Distance
 // The Hoosiers
Rocketeer // Far East Movement ft. Ryan Tedder
Falling // Haim
Counting Stars // OneRepublic
Glitter & Gold // Fire In The Hamptons
Human // Ellie Goulding
United Kids of the World // Headhunters ft. Krewella


after spending too much time on this, it’s finished!! it’s just a running cycle, but considering how awful i am at animating and how rarely i do it, i’m pretty okay with the result.
since i tend to put more effort into things that aren’t personal art, i decided to use soundspeed’s pony character for this, doubling as a little gift, i guess..i also didn’t add his cutie mark because it was too jittery and i’m pretty sick of working on this as is ovo;;


031 Selling Hitler (1991)

If it wasn’t based on a true story, no one would believe it, because how plausible does it seem that a small time German conman who was actually called Conny could fool some of the world’s most prestigious historians, newspapers, and magazines — who all should have known better — that his “Hitler Diaries” (some of the fakest fakes ever faked) were the real deal?  And yet…

Peter plays Thomas Walde (a real person) who was head of historical research at Stern magazine where the whole thing started.  I have no idea what the real Thomas was like, but the way Peter plays him reminds me very much of sweet adorable Danny from Local Hero.  Maybe it’s because he also looks like he was dressed by his mum and has the helicopter running arm, but it’s also that he doesn’t have any guile in him — that even though he’s instrumental in getting Stern involved the fiasco, and worked very closely with the complicated Gerd Heidemann, who was both a massive crook and one of the biggest suckers who ever lived, Thomas doesn’t seem to be in it for personal gain — at least, not in the way Gerd was.  But then, why should be want mere money, when he already has the richest thickest most luxuriantly fluffy hair?

The mini-series has a fantastic cast including Jonathan Pryce as Gerd, Alexei Sayle as Conny, Elaine Collins as Conny’s girlfriend, Richard Wilson, Roger Lloyd-Pack, [a bunch of other recognizable names],  and Tom Baker as a Stern executive that Thomas likes to imitate I WONDER WHY. Tom Baker and Peter acting together obviously has very intense connotations now, but it also occurs to me that since Peter met Tom Baker as far back as 1975 with Peter was seventeen and Tom was in his early days of being the Doctor, that of all the actors Peter’s ever appeared with on-screen, Tom Baker is the one he met the earliest in his life.  Could that be right?    

Leap Motion Announces the Winners of the 3D Jam


Aboard the Lookinglass by Henry Hoffman*

By reaching out your left hand, you see a portal to the past. With your right hand, the future.

Weightless by Martin Schubert

Strap into your space suit and play with objects pulled in from the void.

World of Comenius by Tomáš “Frooxius” Mariančík

A whole new way of learning about the universe and our place in it – plus the power to create and shape new digital universes.




ElementL: Ghost Story



Soundscape VR

Press Bird To Play

How Does That Move?


Paper Plane


The Crow


Let’s Make Fried Rice

Corridor 17




Most Hilarious Narrator – Rhythm Red Alert. “You really are entertaining, as humans go.” 

Coolest (and Most Complex) Hardware Setup – Dualcyon. Two computers, two controllers, two Oculus Rifts… and a friend!

Most Cathartic Godzilla Moment – Mega Creature Smash. Who hasn’t dreamed of climbing a building and smashing it to smithereens?

WHAT A JAM! Congratulations to all of the Leap Motion 3D Jam participants that received recognition and prizes from Leap Motion! We are so happy to have been able to foster this opportunity for gamemakers to experiment with the Leap Motion Controller and VR Mount. The quality and innovation that we’ve seen in the last couple of months has inspired us, made us laugh, and feel in awe of what is to come in the future. A selection of the games from the games above will be shown at IndieCade East in New York this February!

Read more on the Leap Motion Blog.

*When first posted, we wrongly attributed Aboard the Lookinglass to Martin Schubert instead of Henry Hoffman. The mistake has been corrected. We apologize for the confusion.

( the look on his students says it all, they weren’t interested - but of course, it doesn’t mean that they won’t be when hideki starts talking, all eyes were on him, but he wasn’t quite sure if it was because of his physique and facial features or because of his gift of narrative, either way they were focused and that’s all that matters before he starts his lecture. )

I’ve got a question to all of you, is change real? Or is it just an illusion? 

( he could tell that most of them are thinking about it - everyone who raised their hand to answer thinks that change is real because if they say the latter, they have to defend it to him and that means a lot of talking in their part. )

" If change is a being, that is becoming, then it can’t be for it already is. "

change = becoming which means is not or will be something, whilst being is is which means existing therefore there is no change, it is only an illusion by the sense for it is impossible thus, absurd. 

or at least, that’s what parmenides - a greek philosopher -  said in which he applied the philosophy of rationalism. 

( however, they didn’t get it all too well, so hideki was more than happy to give them examples of what parmenides meant, it’s kind of amusing how dumb people can be sometimes, he thinks. )

say, if your hair is long and you wanted to change it, you’ll have to cut it short, curl, straighten, dye or put it in a bun right? but it still grows back, it’s still the same wavy, black hair and at the end of the day, it’s still a hair.

same goes for people, when you think someone has change, they didn’t, it was the real him or her all along and what you’re seeing is a demeanor, they’re still the same. that is what the greek philosopher meant, we have five minutes before the lecture ends, are there any questions? reactions? if not, then you’re all dismissed. 


Continuing the trend of only ever posting my own shit in the wee hours, here’s some freerunning Neph.

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