Game of Thrones + references to Petyr’s childhood.


[get to know me meme] 15 Movies (11/15)The Mummy (Returns)

I’m feeling sad and disappointed because I feel like NH/SS fans never take Naruto’s feelings into consideration. They always say that Sakura can’t be with Naruto because she loves Sasuke and Hinata loves Naruto and Sakura can’t take Naruto away from Hinata.


The thing is Naruto loves Sakura not Hinata. Is his love, I don’t know, less worthy? 

It really annoys me because it’s like his love doesn’t matter because… I don’t know why, because he’s a men? Men can love as much as women. Don’t forget about it.

Dear Sherlock,
I’m losing you everyday. I don’t mean the nightmares or the memory of St. Bart’s. I mean that there are parts missing. Pieces of you that I can’t recall. The sound of your breath in an exasperated sigh, for example. Or the way you looked perched behind a microscope. The smell of your soap and the weight of your hand against my back as you ushered me off on some errand. It’s all starting to slip away.


2013.04.27 - JW to SH (x)

Pro tip for writing: You may be tempted to use extremely uncommon words when writing a story; maybe to show off your vocabulary or because the word sounds cool, or whatever reason you might have. Stop and ask yourself how many people you honestly think already know the meaning of rarely-used words before putting them into your writing, though.

It’s considerably less fun for the reader if they have to stop to look up word meanings frequently just to get an understanding of your work. Don’t make reading your work a chore.

anonymous said:

who is the beautiful gentleman in your icon?

It’s Jack Laskey as DS Peter Jakes in Endeavour. 

I’d suggest you save yourself now, but I suppose the second you asked that question it was already too late lolol idk if you’re into Sherlock Holmes at all, but in case you’ve seen A Game of Shadows; he plays Mycroft’s boy toy manservant Carruthers (and sports a fabulous moustache as well):