Win a free pair of handmade Mantorii shoes!

Hello everyone,

We’ve had a few very interesting weeks here at Mantorii. Our (soft) launch in early November, the first orders, many more orders during our Black Friday promo and lots of things happening in the background. We have got things settled with DHL for fast and reliable delivery, we have our high quality shoe boxes, locally sourced linen shoe bags and much more. 

To celebrate all this, we would like to give away a free pair of Mantorii shoes. We are not going to make it all very difficult. All you have to do is like our Facebook page, post a comment on our wall, or like and repost this on Tumblr. Let us know what your favourite shoe would be (Oxford Half Brogue, Derby Cap Toe, etc.). We will randomly pick a winner. The competition is up until Saturday, December 8th 2012. 

Good luck everyone!

P.S.: those photos we promised are coming soon, we are having our photographer over tomorrow and we aim to have the photos online at the beginning of the week.

Mantorii Custom Made Shoes

Some months ago, I heard from a new manufacturer offering Goodyear-welted shoes made to your specifications over the internet. 

Sites like “” & others were already very satisfied with the product. 

I am happy to have the chance to write a review about my shoes here: 

First thing you have to do is measure your feet. Mantorii keeps this step really simple & failproof. Their customersupport is outstanding and always willing to assist if you have any questions. 

After that, the real fun begins: 

You can choose between a wide array of different desings, leathers, sole-options and a lot more. 

A real highlight is the possibility to give Mantorii a Pantone TPX color code & they will source the leather for you. 

So you will really have an unique shoe. 

After payment your shoes will go into production. Waiting time can be up to 8 weeks, most of the time you will get your shoes much faster though. 

Now to my shoe and some first impressions: 

After only three weeks, the mailman brought the shoes. There was no additional tax or custom-fees to pay, Mantorii will do the best to ensure this. 

The shoes come in a beautiful box with shoesbags for every shoe

I chose the “Single-Monk” option in blue suede. They came out beautiful. 

The suede quality, stichting & attention to detail is great. 

The sole-leather yet has to prove its duability. 

Due to the winter I was only able to wear the shoes once yet. 

The shoes surely will be worn a lot during coming spring & summer, I will then give a more detailed review. 

If you have any questions, just hit the “ask-box”

Check out their website:

& they also have a tumblr:


SbN Review: Mantorii MTO 

Mantorii is another player in the online MTM game offering MTO shoes.  I am always interested in trying out online MTM companies in my own pursuit of ‘perfection’ in any shape or form.  Mantorii has been another successful stop.

Mantorii and I worked out a review for a pair shoes and the process.  I went with a pair of captoe full brogue oxfords in their 'Essential Brown’.  The measurement process is straightforward, but does take a bit more effort than other services - they have you print out a diagram where you trace both feet and then you have to scan it on a computer to email the pattern to them.  This could be a pain for some, but honestly any extra step to make the best fit possible should always be welcome especially when you’re doing online MTM.  I didn’t find this to be a problem, and it probably was for the best.

There was a small mix-up in the development of my shoes, which delayed the arrival a few weeks, but it was welcome because they notified me and made sure I received what I ordered.  Customer service: A.

Upon arrival, they were packed neatly and covered in dust bags.  The brogue detail was nice, the construction was solid, color was a tad lighter than I was expecting (but nothing a little shoe creme can’t darken up), the leather was decent, and the fit was spot on.  I went with a blue lining on the inside for a little 'pizzazz’ and its very subtle - which is nice.  I appreciated the way the initials were branded on the bottom of the shoe - ah, the little things.

To be picky, the leather wasn’t as soft as I expected, but not cheap by any means.  I definitely see it loosening up over a few wears, and think its just matter of breaking them in.  Another small point would be to stick with a waxed shoelace, although these aren’t too bad and an easy change.

Overall, very happy with the outcome of the shoe and the process.  Mantorii has solid options when it comes to customizations and the measurement process is a bit more thorough for the better of the customer.  These will definitely be seeing a lot of play, and they are happy welcome to the rotation.

I’d like to thank the people over at Mantorii for sending me out a pair and to keep up the great work!

We were working hard over the last few weeks, here are a few updates:

  • New leathers: We have now reached an agreement with a great leather tannery to supply our leathers. Most of our leathers are now certified full grain (more to come, please see descriptions online) and feature a Pantone TPX colour code for reference. We are also able to produce leather the exact colour you want for only $49 extra. 
  • New products: Loafers are available right away, boots will follow soon - and there is more to come. 

We hope you like the updates, let us know if there are any questions.

Boots are another style that more and more customers are interested in. Not surprisingly, we sell most of them with full rubber soles, but also quite a few customers select leather soles. Here is a Wingtip Boot in our full grain Essential Black.

We are thinking about our spring/summer collection and we definitely want to offer some casual and colourful desert boots (similar to the screenshot from GQ below). 

Who would be interested in a pair of, say light blue suede desert boots?

Doing some serious quality control on a number of pairs today. Next step laser engraving and then they are off to the good guys at DHL and to our customers worldwide. See those Wingtip Monks (in Dark Brown)? First pair of that kind we made so far and we think it looks great!

The Tan Double Monks are from our limited edition collaboration with Men’s Style Pro - few pairs are still left. 

Ladies and Gentlemen,

we are proud to introduce a cooperation between the influental style blogger Sabir Peele from Men’s Style Pro (, one of Americas Best Dressed Men, and Mantorii Custom Footwear. 

The shoe, a Double Monk Strap, will be available as a strictly Limited Edition (25 pairs) with the number and logos engraved on the soles in the following configuration:

  • Men’s Style Pro Monk ($319)
  • Half Brogue
  • Double Leather Sole
All other combinations are possible, but not part of the Limited Edition.  This shoe is available from right now and only as long as supplies last.

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