Happy Earth Day!

Instead of the usual talk about pollution and global warming, I would like to dedicate this drawing to the beauty we still have left on our planet. There is still so much left to protect and so many mysteries of nature left to discover. This ecosystem that sustains our life is so full of wonder. 

Don’t ever lose touch with your origin. This blue planet is our home. Cherish it.

The Great Leap

Manta rays frequently leap out of the water, though it is not clear why. Some speculate it is to evade predators, get rid of parasites, attract females, or just for fun. Though most leaps are 2-3 feet off the surface of the water, there have been reports as high as 9 feet. When they belly flop back onto the water, it make an incredibly loud bang. Spectators have described it as sounding a lot like gunfire.