I got tagged

Dangit. Aight

Rule 1: Post the rules

Rule 2: Answer the 11 questions asked, and then ask 11 new ones

Rule 3: Tag 11 people so they can answer the questions (11?!)

Okay, so here were the questions that were asked of me:

1. Do you prefer listening to mainstream music, or music that is generally unknown?

I dunno. The popularity of my music has never really crossed my mind. Ill listen to anything from Creature Feature, to BVB and Nicki Minaj. So its all over the place really.

2. Would you rather work at your dream job for a low wage, or a terrible one for a high wage?

Ah, the age old question. Definitely the former. Money doesnt really mean a ton to me (as long as i have enough to live of course), so i wouldnt dream of trading happiness for money.

3. What would be your last meal?

Oh jeez…this is a hard one. I think, what I would want would be a platter full of very tiny portions of loads of foods ive never tried before, so that I could experience loads of stuff before I died. And then i would want chocolate pudding after cause damn.

4. What song do you want played at your funeral? Why?

This song, because when my mum was pregnant with me she listened to it all the time. I figure, what better way to finish thing off than the way they began?

5. Which celebrity/fictional character would you want to switch lives with permanently?

Um…im gonna go with a fictional character. Probably someone from homestuck, cause even though their lives are tragic as hell how cool would that be? Also, since we’re switching lives, I could relieve one of the characters of their tragic life, and they could take some time to recover from all that mess. I might change my mind after I write this, but I’ll go with Dirk Strider. Kid deserves a fuckin’ break.

6) Have you ever really been in love? Did that person reciprocate those feelings?

Yeah, I think I’ve been in love. And yeah, I’m pretty sure they felt the same way. 

7. Preferred fizzy beverage?


8. Grab the nearest book! What’s the second sentence in paragraph 2 of page 36?


9. Favourite book that you can relate to?

That I can RELATE TO? Oh man…uuh…I dont really read books that I relate to…I guess I’ll just say “Haunted” by Chuck Palahniuk cause its about ~human nature~ and stuff.

10. Whats something everyone else seems to love, that you absolutely despise?

Hmm…I can’t say i despise much. I guess I really really hate and fear moths with a passion i could never describe, and everyone else thinks they’re pretty and cute. 

11. Have you ever had a penpal? Where from?

I had a penpal from Sri-Lanka once. Her name was Thakshila Ruchindara. She’s one year older than me now, and we used to write all the time.

Okay now for MY 11 questions!

1. What is your favourite thing about yourself?

2. What is a song that gets stuck in your head whenever you hear it? 

3. Who was your FIRST EVER crush? 

4. If you were allowed to commit any crimes you wanted for 12 hours, what would they be? 

5.If you won the lottery, would you rather receive your payment all at once, or piece by piece?

6. What is your favourite film genre?

7. If you had to pick any place in the world to live for the rest of your life, where would you choose?

8.Who is your favourite cartoon character?

9. If you could choose how you wanted to die, would you? If so, what would you pick?

10.On the note of death, if you had to spend your last 24 hours with one person and ONLY one person (no contact whatsoever with anyone else at all), who would it be?

11.  Would you rather be able to sing, or dance? If you can do both, which one would you give up?

Oh for those 11 people. I dont know if I’ll do 11.. Dont feel obligated to do the thing, if you dont want to! 

(melanie I’m tossing this one back at you *wonk*)

  1.  mannequinpanic said: last time i checked actually, you aren’t allowed to have ‘livestock’ animals within calgary limits. here’s to possibly being incorrect about you living in calgary though

Awe mannnn! Darn it laws preventing me from having a duck! Also you were correct about my living in calgary :3

mannequinpanic replied to your post: I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised about getting…

why does it even matter if lots of people start getting into archery. shouldn’t the response be ‘yay, more people to do archery stuff with!’?

exactly, I just…

it sounded like they were going “Oh boy, /more/ girls getting into things because a hot guy does them” or something similar. 

idk, maybe i’m being moronic again. =/ 

mannequinpanic replied to your photo: Yes I know my desk is insanely messy. The sad part…

man that isn’t even really that messy at all. i don’t see any garbage even.

aha, I know it’s not really…I guess I’ve just become paranoid about it? I mean, if you could see what’s left of my parents’ “computer offices” I think most people would have a heart attack. It’s on that borderline of being normal and being considered Hoarders-worthy material. I know I used to not think about it but post-college it drives me nuts.