The first thing people say to me, infuriatingly, is ‘Why do you think people think you’re so manly?’ So I start the chapter by saying, ‘Look, I understand why on the surface you might think a Snickers bar is a meal — it’s packed with peanuts, it really satisfies, it’s got a nice thick dimension — but when you break it down, it’s actually a candy bar.’ And by the same token, I see the mustache, I use tools, I don’t suffer fools gladly, I don’t mince about in the public eye as frequently, so I understand why people would say, ‘Oh, that guy seems like he’s very manly.’ I’m quick to remind the audience that I’m, of my family and my community, I’m the one who went away to theater school to find a career in the arts. I have studied ballet, I have worn tights, I wear makeup every day at work, I love to cry openly at a Pixar film. So I don’t think I’m as manly as you think.
—  Nick Offerman — a.k.a. Ron Swanson — lays down the law in an interview about his new book.

Taemin’s definition of ‘manly’

I think being manly is being able to take care of others responsibly. Knowing how to take care of yourself and others is what a real man is. The type of person who can say one word to another and be comforting. I want to be someone who can move people’s hearts.[/b] 

I think a lot of people have the misconception that manliness is only about the way you look, e.g. being really muscular but it’s not just that, the personality traits are important too.

—  Source: The Celebrity September Issue
Translated by: kimchi hana 

Some interesting ways for the outdoorsy person.  Surviving a bear, walking around like a ninja, making rope swings, and then around a fire at night, you can learn how to shuffle cards ;)