[ARTIST]: This month I’m doing each day a drawing of Evil/Spooky/Darkness. So I thought about a dark version of Amira. In Pre-Islamic tradition, there is a Goddess of Death named Manat or Maniya (I prefer Maniya). More or less she’s like the Grim Reaper, bringing Souls whose time has come and protects the sleeping dead, cursing those who intrude upon their graves. Generally, she’s seen holding out a cup, of what I don’t know. Perhaps Maniya here (pony Maniya), holds a cup of coffee (OF DEATH)?

anonymous asked:

Name: Maniya Personality: I love a good, intellectual debate on the weightier and controversial matters of life. I could devour 2 whole boxes of pizza in under 20 minutes if I really wanted to. I'm a very good listener, more that than an advice giver. I'm quirky and very wild when I'm with my close friends, which makes me fun I guess (THIS IS MAKING ME SOUND COCKY ISN'T IT?! I HOPE NOT). I love going for walks. I DON'T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO SAY IS THIS HOW YOU DO THIS? your blog is amazing btw x

I ship you with: Edward Kenway

Reason: I could see the two of you trying to out eat one another… Your intellect and lust for debate would have him stumped to the point where he’d be frustrated. But you will to listen would keep him calm in his darkest times. With your wild side, Edward would never be bored… He’d enjoy taking walks with you, no matter where you wanted to go and would stop what he’s doing to spend time with you.