chromacolors asked:

So, I've been wanting to draw a feathered Carnotaurus sastrei for a while now. The problem? It's been confirmed that it has scales in at least some places. I was wondering if you know where these scaled portions are, because I want to draw an accurate Carnotaurus, and that means attending to confirmed anatomical details.

Hi there chromacolors! The only real source that I can find is Czerkas (1997), which isn’t available to me. What we do know about is rather vague, but this is what I’ve got:

Note that most of the body is a no-go zone for feathers. You can, however, put small hair-like feathers on the end of the tail, on the arms, and on the back. You could also add feathers to the legs, but I’d find that impractical for Carnotaurus. Remember, do not put pennaceous feathers! Pennaceous feathers are the kind of fully-fledged feathers with shafts and vanes, and they only appeared in maniraptorans. Carnotaurus does not fall into this group.

I realize that the prospect of a scaly theropod is probably weird as heck these days, but these are definite scale impressions. In palaeoart, if you’re going for accuracy, you have to consider both the evidence and what the current general consensus seems to be. 

Hope this helps!

EDIT: for a good idea of what not to do, have an intentionally speculative reconstruction by damir-g-martin:

The silhouette above belongs to the incredibly talented Scott Hartman.