Just remember, there’s so many great things in life. You just have to remember to smile. You know, listen to a good song or think of a good memory. Everything is worth it. No matter how bad anything gets. Just always smile.


"You’re such a tease…"

Damon huffed, pouting, fingers stroking Enzo’s dark hair.

"Don’t pout."

Enzo smirked, enjoying having the upper hand very much, despite the position he was in.

"I am waiting, Damon… You know how patient I can be…"

Damon knew it was a lost battle and he tried to resist, he really did. But then Enzo was stroking his nose along his happy trail, hands gripping at his thighs.

"Please, Enz… Please."

Enzo smiled, tongue coming out to lick at tender skin.

"Mmmh, that’s more like it."

JaidenWeek → Day 2: Past/Future - Married

"I still don’t get why you wouldn’t let the band play ACDC." Aiden breathed in to Jackson’s shoulder as they slow danced on the wooden floor.

"It took me four years to get this wedding, I’m not gonna let some stupid rock band ruin my first dance." Jackson whispered in his ear.

It was a small ceremony. Only the people who really mattered like Scott, Lydia, Stiles, Malia, Danny and Ethan, and the rest of the pack were invited.

"I popped the question, I should get to choose the music."

"I gave you my last name."

"Yeah, I’m not too sure about the way it feels on my tongue…’Aiden Whittemore’."

"Well, if you quit your whining, maybe later you’ll get to see what I feel like on your tongue." Jackson smirked against the skin Aiden’s neck.

Aiden smiled. “Sounds good.”


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