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When Tywin was sent away to serve as a cupbearer to Aegon the Unlikely, Joanna remained by her father’s side at Casterly Rock, growing older and more womanly and ever more beautiful. She witnessed firsthand the waning power of House Lannister. The lavish feasts and balls became a trial, as guests made mock of his lordship within his own golden halls. Without, Tytos’s bannermen grew stronger, more defiant, and more disorderly. Many private wars were waged in the West as lords no longer looked to Tytos for justice. Septons began to preach openly against House Lannister. Even Ser Jason was scornful of his brother Tytos’s misrule. ”The lion of Casterly Rock is no longer feared,” Joanna wrote in one of her many letters to her betrothed. “Something must be done.”

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