My name is Michalina. I’m 22. As a child I had a lot of dreams. I wanted to become an artist, but my biggest dream was to be a model. This dream wasn’t hardly possible for me.

- Pictures taken, let’s see what we’ve got.

- Man, she’s photogenic. So beautiful.

- Michalina, look at me. Can you tell us how it was?

I had a little defect since I was born and it needed a fix. It was a defect associated with my sex. I was a hermaphrodite. When I was born, doctors decided that they will make me a fully boy. This was a person who I wasn’t and didn’t want to be. Until 18 I lived as a Michał [Michał is a man version of the name Michalina].

- Didn’t your mom care if you were a boy or a girl? Does she love you as her son or as her daughter?

My mom loves me as her child.

- It’s very important lesson to our country. Incredible. Congratulations, you’re in.

..and this is how it all began.

decorapony asked:

I'm looking for a male model, preferably Korean or Taiwanese (mixed heritage family) that is 15-20 years old. A "prettyboy" type is preferred, "baby of the family" sort of look, maybe like a Park Hyungseok or B.A.P. Zelo type.

Here are some guys that have a baby face.

  • Jordan Rodrigues (22, Malaysian)
  •  Ryan Potter (19-20, Japanese)
  • Jiro Manio (22, Filipino and Japanese)
  • Will Jay (18, Chinese)
  • Major Curda (teens, Korean)
  • Yoo Seung Ho (21, Korean)
  • Nash Aguas (16, Filpino)
  • Daniel Padilla (19, Filipino)
  • Booboo Stewart (21, Japanese, Chinese, Korean)
  • Baekhyun (22, Korean)
  • Luhan (24, Chinese)

anonymous asked:

I'm assuming that we're allowed to request manips. If that's the case, can you please make another Luke Hemmings and Selena Gomez one? Whether or not you're taking requests, your manips are awesome, by the way!

You can request all the manios you want! Hahaha
Sure and done, hope you like it :)

Lots of love,
Jazzi xc

She’s Bad getting spins, in the Netherlands, and getting positive feed back in 2015??!!! That’s hot!!! That song represented a defining movement for @215malikalove I went directly to Fred Manio at Select Records without Bob or Bonz Just @ms.hall2u & @djmiz …lol remember that day Ree Ree??!! If I never said it before #ThankYou @djmiz

From Gastroposter chris manio:

We didn’t want our dear friend Stella to feel 50 on her birthday so I baked and decorated this cake to remind her never to lose the child in her, that age is just a number. Six layers of white chocolate and pistachio cakes filled with fresh raspberry buttercream, covered with pistachio buttercream then topped and drizzled with white-choco-raspberry ganache; finally adorned with macarons and ice cream cake pops, she loved it!